Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Radiation Simulation #3

Radiation oncologist examined surgery site and said we can wait a few days to see if fluid builds up again. The markings done at previous simulation were for 3D or 2D. Still thinks 2D better, but mastectomy surgeon and chemo doc told him I want 3D. Did simulation for 3D -- took about 15 minutes. Will wait one week to see if fluid builds up again. If it does, then we’ll do 2D. If it doesn’t, we’ll do 3D.

Maybe I’m making too much of the difference between 3D and 2D, but from what I’ve read, 3D seems much safer to healthy tissue as well as more effective on the cancer site. And I’ve read enough about secondary cancers from radiation therapy to be as cautious as possible not to damage any healthy tissue if we can help it. I know there’s a point where you should just let the doctor take control and decide what’s best for you, but I feel like if I don’t speak up now and fight for the best possible treatment I can have, I’ll blame the radiation for any recurrence or secondary cancer I get in future. To the doctors, this is just an academic discussion. To me, it’s my life and how long I’m going to live. I know there are some things I should just let go. I don’t think this is one of them.

Also went to reconstruction surgeon #4 for a second visit. He recommends the Becker implant, which has saline in the middle and silicone on the outside, and allows for gradual expansion. He examined me and said I will probably need expansion, rather than a permanent implant straight away. Should go see him 3 months after radiation is finished -- that’s the earliest he recommends I have reconstruction.

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