Monday, March 16, 2009

Sorry for the Radio Silence

Sorry for the lack of posts. All is ok, just short of time. I've started working full time again, and i've been working hard to make sure to get back in time to put the kids to bed. The past 2 weeks were stressful due to an MAS exam that I had to pass and a presentation I had to prepare. On top of that I just happen to be loaded up with a bunch of complications (tax problems, Estate issues - dealing with frozen accounts, leaking problems, trying to refinance, closing accounts). Tedious stuff but it feels like my "to do" list is growing faster than I can clear items.

Lots of people have blogs, but few enjoy the readership Shin had built up. I felt that I was loaded with things to talk about and could continue her blog for a while. It was a great opportunity, I don't think I could ever build a following like Shin had. Nevertheless, I guess I've been too stretched.

I haven't completely given up, but I realize it will probably take at least another week before I have more time to write, and I guess its clear that the idea of keeping it going daily seems less feasible.

This isn't goodbye, but it does seem appropriate to thank everyone for their kindness and support.

The kids continue to be amazing. They seem happy and able to talk about Shin without sadness. Having the kids do well makes it much easier for me. I do find that I continue to get "waves" of feelings that can kind of overwhelm me from time to time. Today, Josie got a certificate for doing well in school, my mother called me at work so that Josie could tell me. At times like that I get this strong feeling of what Shin is missing out on. I'm getting Shin's hp# cancelled. Yesterday I saw her name and number in my phone and I got kind of stuck. Feeling that that practically I suppose I should delete. But it feels like such an awful thing to do.

Anyway, we are all fine really, but still dealing with the feelings of loss as I guess we will for a while.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Memorial slideshow

Dennis, Alicia's husband put together a slideshow of photos taken at the memorial service. The photos were taken by a freind and former colleague of Shin's, Sha Ying.