Saturday, November 14, 2009

A much overdue update

I'm amazed at the immediate response we received from Shin's birthday post. I figured that I've been so negligent in updating that no one must follow it anymore. But immediately a wave of support hit me. Many thanks. Life gets busy and I suspected that Shin and this blog's readers would have forgiven me for not updating so well. But I realize I owe at least a basic update.

Firstly, Josie and Toby are just great. they are both in school full time now. Josie sees herself as an avid reader just like her mom. Toby is wonderfully affectionate. Both seem secure and balanced with the loss of their mom. We talk about Shin frequently, but both Josie and Toby seem to be able talk about her happily. My mother, Carol, has retired from nursing in the US and is with us most of the time. Carol has other grandkids in Boston, US, that she spends some time with, but she has definitely given a maternal stability for Josie and Toby. Our helper Elisa, who has been with us since Toby was born, has been very dedicated in helping to bring up Josie and Toby. I personally feel pride that our family has faced difficulty, but pulled together for the sake of the kids, who so far are doing well.

I am doing well. At times I can dwell on how much I feel Shin has lost out on. I see the wonderful things Josie and Toby have done this past year and multiply that times 20. My heart aches for her loss. On the other hand, I know it would help put Shin at piece knowing we are doing well, and i'm confident she would be happy.

On to the photos!

We went to Boston in May and had a chance to catch up with my brother. Here are some photos from Fenway Park, home of my beloved Red Sox:

And here is a photo of when Josie and I dressed up to go to the Symphony:

And here are some photos of our recent trip to the Philippines. With Josie in a Jeepnee, and with her grandfather, Toby in the pool and making a face:

Finally, her is a photo of Josie going to school on "Hero" day. On Hero day the children do not have to where their uniforms, they can dress as a hero. Josie put on one of Shin's shirts, put on her ID badge, her necklase and bracelets and went to school as her "Hero":

Yikes! I've been trying for any hour and just can't get the text to line up with the photos. I'll trust readers can figure out what i'm trying to say.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Shin

Today (12 Nov), Shin would be 43.

We had some cake and released some balloons (with a slide of cake) last night.

Happy birthday Shin, we miss you, we love you.

These balloons can add to your collection.