Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reconstruction Surgeons # 2 and 3

# 2. This was the second visit to Recon Surgeon # 2. He looked at mastectomy scars and said they were healing nicely. Said I should have reconstruction 2-4 weeks after radiation ends -- put expanders in and inflate little by little. He saw skin lesion and picked out some sutures with tweezers. He didn’t seem to think the surgeon had done a great job sewing up the skin lesion.

# 3. This guy is a world-famous plastic surgeon who has clients from Hollywood. He also said scars were healing nicely. Said I could have permanent implants put in straight away since I only want an A cup. Said I should wait at least six months after radiation to do reconstruction so skin tissue can have time to settle down. Said fluid building up in my chest is not good 5-6 weeks after surgery. He drained 15 ml. from each side. He poked around a bit with the needle at first and I had to show him where my surgeon usually puts the needle when he drains fluid.

I’m now leaning toward having reconstruction. My main goal is to have freedom of movement. I’d like to be able to do yoga, go swimming, go running, without worrying about the prosthetic breasts shifting out of place or getting dislodged and floating to the top of the pool. I don’t like having to move the breast forms from one bra to another every time I change.

And in case I had any doubts... the other day, Josie grabbed one of my prosthetic breasts as I was getting dressed for yoga. She ran around the house with it and wouldn’t give it back. Is there anything sillier than a woman chasing her three-year-old around the house to get her boob back? How undignified!

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