Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Reconstruction Revisited

I went to see my reconstruction surgeon today for a post-radiation, pre-op consultation. He examined me and said the skin is healing well and I can have reconstruction done in early October. My options are to use implants, use tissue from my back, or tissue from my tummy. The last option is out, he said, because I don’t have enough fatty tissue there to transplant. Surprising, since I’m not asking for a D cup or anything even close, I thought I had enough flab there to cover me for a modest little A cup. But I suppose I should be happy I don’t have enough fat for even an A cup! I might have a similar problem with my back. Plus, if we used tissue from my back, I’d have yet more scars, not to mention mobility issues. I might not be able to swing a golf club anymore. Not that I can now, really.

I’ve decided to go with implants -- I don’t want any more of me cut up than is necessary. Also, it seems a bit weird to take bits from one part of my body and put it somewhere else. I’d be like a Frankenshin. Although if I’d been asked before all this happened whether I wanted fat from my tummy moved up to my breasts, I’d have jumped at the chance. But then I wouldn’t have thought about the cutting up of body parts, the risks, the side effects, etc.

So there it is. After all my adult life of wishing I had bigger boobs, I’m finally getting implants -- just to have the same size I always had. When I first learned that I’d have to have a mastectomy, I thought that at least I’d finally get to have the boobs I’d always wanted and go for a B cup at least. But it turns out it’s not quite that simple. Getting breast reconstruction is very different from getting a boob job. There are greater risks, the results aren’t as nice, and there are painful side effects. And people have told me implants only last 10-15 years. But according to the stats, I’ll last much less than that.

Now my goal is to outlast my implants. Gotta laugh about that.

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