Thursday, December 28, 2006

Swelling Getting Worse

My radiation oncologist and reconstruction surgeon have both seen the CT scan films now. They showed me the fluid around the implant on the right side. But we still don’t know what’s causing it.

Meanwhile, the swelling and discoloration have gotten worse, and I have sharp needle pains all around the area. I’m still taking the second set of antibiotics -- day four now, as well as ibuprofen for pain.

The recon surgeon says he’s more convinced now that I ripped some scar tissue inside, which led to some bleeding and hence, the fluid build-up shown on the CT scan. He says infection is a less likely scenario, especially since it’s not responding to any of the antibiotics, but just in case, we’ll treat it as an infection. He told me to go see an infectious diseases specialist and booked an appointment for tomorrow.

The radiation oncologist said the discoloration of the skin (dark purple now) is “worrying” him. The fact that this is worrying him is worrying me.

There’s some good news: the CT scan shows the implant on the left, non-cancer side sitting pretty -- just as perfect a boob as anybody could ask for.

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