Friday, September 14, 2007

Vacation to Australia

I’ll be away from my Blog for the next ten days because we’re taking a family vacation to Australia to see some very good friends.

While I’m there, I hope to get some more opinions on my cancer diagnosis so I’m taking all my scans with me. Maybe a doctor there will know of a procedure to get rid of the tumors in my lungs at least.

I’ll keep writing my Blogs but I won’t be able to post them until we get back, so stay tuned. I’ll be back in ten days!

P.S. Yes, I’m afraid that if I don’t update my Blog for too many days at a time, some of you will think my condition has deteriorated or I’ve died.


Mel said...

Have a fantastic holiday!!! No we won't think you've died if you stop writing your blog for a while!! We all know you're going to be around for a long time yet. Lots of love.

rach said...

HAVE YOU HEARD OF TOMATHERAPY ,,,,, QUITE NEW .. they use it at mount e .. for tumours that they cant operate on, target radiaition at it .. .. there is usually abit of a wait to get it .. worth checking out also have a fab holiday love rach

Eira said...

Shin, I have been asking whoever I now and probably sometimes whatever I know to make sure that whoever is out there knows about you and cancer, and I believe that we'll find a cure for you.

So whatever, we'll find a cure for your annoying lung cancer so you can run that marathon, I may even wake up early to train with you, but it might be a bit of a problem for me!! YAWN!!

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hey, good to know that you are taking a break...... Have a great time there; though i'll miss reading your blog...... lotsa love

Angela said...

Hi, I haven't posted before but I'm about to lose my blogging cherry! I called the other day and left you a voicemail. Time difference makes it difficult to reach you but hopefully we'll speak when you're back from Aus. At least I've been able to follow what's happening through the blog -despite the distance I still feel like we're neighbours -I know what you're up to on a day to day basis even if I haven't spoken to you in ages.

This blog is incredible. You have an amazing ability to inspire laughter and tears in equal hearty measures! I'm conscious I should use punctuation while I'm typing this as I know the absence of it is a personal bug bear of yours and you think I write like I speak -without breath! (I'm stopping to take a deep breath... why isn't there spell check on this -I'm getting paranoid you're looking out for spelling mistakes -once a teacher...).

You may desperately want to lighten the whole Cancer subject but if you go and write stuff about loving Tony and the Kids like no one else can, then you've got to expect some of us to shed an emotional tear, very moving and think it strikes a chord for all of us no matter what the circumstances. When I read Tony's comment in response to your "Anger and Unfairness" I have to say it made me choke up and laugh at the same time because it was so typically Tony -so understated "Its just not fair that it has come back so aggressively, and it pisses me off."

Yep, think we're all pretty pissed off about it.

Have a great holiday. Spk when you return. LOL to you all xxx