Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grim Reaper Dream

I had a dream about the Grim Reaper last night. I should put it in context. Before bed, I saw a brief snippet of a TV show, "Dead Like Us", where Reapers go around collecting dead people's souls. It's a comic drama, rather than a serious scary show that the topic may imply.

In my dream, I saw a teenaged hoodlum across the street bothering somebody - a little old lady or somebody defenseless. He was wearing a black hood, jean jacket, blue/brown plaid shirt, too-big jeans (a la gansta fashion), and sneakers. I ran across the street and grabbed the urchin by the neck and raised him into the air - he was surprisingly light, weightless even.

As I did that, I could see inside his black, pointed hood into a dark void. There was no face in there. Then it hit me that I was dealing with the Grim Reaper. But I was still annoyed with the audacity of this gangster boy bothering a little old lady so I smacked him around anyway. Slap, slap, slap. He didn't respond, just floated up there as I held him up by the neck. I finally let him down and told him he could hang around as long as he didn't bother anyone else. And that was that.


Ivy Goh said...

Hi Shin,

You are early.

I saw the Chinese documentary show about you some weeks ago.

Hope you are well and happy.

Take care & may God bless you and your family, Ivy

Darth Sidious said...

It was ME that you saw and slapped, Shin ! Ouch !!!!

Darth Sidious

Shin said...

Darth Sidious,

I advise you to leave helpless little old ladies alone.

Actually, if these little old ladies are a hundred years old and have lived full lives, you can have them.

Leave mothers with young children alone!

William said...

Dreams are created with memories within our subconscious mind and our imagination.

You've even helped the needy in your dream. Bravo!

Christine Raza said...

I have total confidence that you can kick that grim reaper's butt any day of the week! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You dreamt that because you knew you were stronger than your worst nightmare. Seems like you dealt with it quite well!

If any nasty being came to me in a dream (I still think that's possible) I would just say, "FUCK OFF, I DON'T BELIEVE in YOU. Sorry, love. Bye." And then the nasty spirit would melt away and I'd be fine.

I had an experience which I couldn't explain once. I was lying in bed and my mind was vacant, and I had this feeling as if I were being transported out of my bed, out of time. I didn't like it at all, and I stopped it. It was too scary.

Peto said...

I would like to interpret it as the hoodlum urchin working for Mr. Cancer or Mr. Cancer himself.

You have shown him that...

> you're not afraid to face him.
> you'll not allow anyone or yourself to be bullied by him.
> he is weightless as long as you believe in courage, love and the ultimate "Shin's Power"
> you may look like an angel but don't mess with the Na 'cause slapping is just a dessert.
> you have accepted the fact that you may not totally defeat him for a life time but each day more with Tony, Josie & Toby is already a victory.

I do not think he will be bothering anyone in your dream anymore because if you look around, you will find all of us right behind you.

P.S. I'm not sure we are there to support or just using you as a shield. Ha... ha...

Reb said...

Hi Shin,

Hehehe. I am sure you can kick that grim reaper in the butt any time. Tell him to get lost. That's what my mum did when she had a similar dream in hospital.


Well Wisher said...

The Grim Reapers from the Japanese movie, "Death Note", have faces and are kind of punky. But as the movie story goes, the owners of the death notes (given by the Grim Reaper) just simply write a name on the notebook and he/she is dead.

But you stopped the grim reaper halfway. What a daredevil you are! Wonder who can stop you from your enduring conquest?

Josh said...

Hi Shin.

I'm Josh (Katie Terry's nephew. I met you when I was in Singapore on holiday.)

Just writing to say Hi and that I'm showing some of my classmates your blog and trying and get them to help me raise money for cancer research over in England.

Hope you're doing well. I wish I had cool dreams like yours...



Shin said...


I'm really touched that you're reading my blog and recommending it to your friends. I have to admit I wasn't that mature or caring when I was your age.

It sounds really corny to say this, but when I think about kids like you, I feel like this world has a chance of being decent. Whatever my generation messes up, you and your generation will be able to overcome and fix.

And that's the hope I leave behind for my own kids, Josie and Toby.

Thanks so much for giving me that hope.