Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Drains Removed! Again!

Had drains removed. After removing all the bandages from the surgery site, the surgeon just slowly pulled at the tubes until all the tubing came out -- 15 cm. of tubing from each side. Unlike the first time, it didn’t hurt at all. Total amount of fluid in the drains since surgery: 80 ml. on right, 50 ml. on left.

It’s pretty amazing that a long piece of plastic can be sticking out of your body, then you pull out the plastic, and the hole just repairs itself.

Went for an hour-long walk at East Coast Park with Tony tonight. Felt good. After getting the drains out, I was just itching to go for some exercise. I stopped all exercise for a week after surgery and could definitely feel the difference -- more sluggish and weak and just generally blah.

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