Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not Shingles. Ready for Radiation.

The GP now says the little rash on my right arm is NOT Shingles after all, because Shingles leaves dark scabs when it dries and my rash isn’t forming any scabs. He says it might be a “contact rash” -- maybe I came in contact with a plant or something I’m allergic to. I can’t think what that could be.

Went to see the surgeon for a pre-radiation check of my chest wound. He said the left side has some seroma (fluid build-up) -- maybe 5 milliliters’ worth. But since that side won’t be radiated, it’s okay. The right side didn’t have any seroma, he said. I could tell even before he told me because when I pressed down on a part of the bulge on the left side, the whole bulge moved but when I did it on the right side it didn’t move. Maybe there’s seroma on the left side but not on the right because I’ve been picking up the kids or grocery bags and such with my left arm but not my right. I suppose that goes to show that using the arm does indeed make a difference to fluid build-up. We’ll find out tomorrow for sure whether there’s any seroma or swelling on the right that would get in the way of radiation. The radiation oncologist said the computer scan could tell if there’s been any change.

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