Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chemo Update

My blood counts were too low today for chemo, so I got a G-CSF (white blood cell booster) shot instead of chemo. Unlike previous blood count lows that involved just the white blood cells, ALL the counts were down today: white, red, hemoglobin, and platelet.

I don't actually mind today's little hiccup because I got out of the house, walked around a bit, had a nice lunch with two handsome men (husband and father-in-law), and am now relaxing with a cup of tea. And despite what the blood counts say, I'm feeling pretty good.

I'll try again on Wednesday.


Chee Tiong said...

I think you are really a very very very strong woman. Words can't depict my respect and admiration for you. I attached a link of a song for you, Tony, Josie and Toby instead. Hope you like it:


leighbee said...

Absolutely.....couldn't agree more........SO DEVASTATED today wasn't a "great" day but hope it was a "good" day?

Hope the love and hugs I am sending right now (and always) will help to get those levels up and through the roof..........


Anonymous said...

Shin ,
Ghazala says eat plenty of egg whites to boost your blood count.It works! Pls try.
U can make an egg white omelette.Even eating crab meat helps.

Jin said...

Hey sis!

I'm glad to hear you were able to make the most of your day despite your low blood count. And I'm certainly glad to hear you're feeling pretty good!

My regards to Tony's father. I still have the beautiful silk scarf he gave me at your wedding...


Anonymous said...

I am following your blog after receiving your letter at school. I lost my very best school friend to cancer as few years ago so to all your friends I know your pain. (as well as my dad) I wish I could have had this communication that Shin is giving to you with my friend as we too lived apart in different countries for many years. It doesn't make it any easier but somehow it will help later down the track. Anyway, I received this link and have watch it many times and really want to apply his message to my family, it's NEVER too late to start. He also is dying and will be leaving behind his three children.

Shin, you make my cry, you make me laugh.....thank you

This is one of the most touching and simple truths I have seen in while – I hope it touches you all as it did me.

If link doesn’t work; cut and paste and should work

Shin said...

Dear anonymous (Mar. 10),

Thanks for your comments.

I saw this video last month and posted the link in my Feb. 18 Blog entry, "Cancer as Opportunity".

I agree with you. This is worth seeing.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, it's the last lecture given by a professor who is dying of cancer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shin,

Last year, I followed very closely the blog of a 19 year-old American young man, Miles Levin, who was dying from a rare cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. He connected with thousands of readers around the world and inspired many with his celebration of life. You inspire me in a similar way too!

Sadly, he passed away last August but his mother has started a blog of her own on the same website, talking about how she's coping as a grieving parent.

You can read his blog here (after you create a profile and everything) :


Look for 'levinstory' and 'milesmom'.

You're such a strong, courageous lady and so positive in the face of such a difficult time - I'm rooting for you!!


Shin said...

Dear "anonymous" (March 11),

Thanks so much! I saw a CNN report about this guy but I only caught the tail end of it and didn't get the guy's name.

I'd been wanting to find his Blog. Thanks for sending this info to me and other readers of my Blog.