Monday, June 30, 2008

Can You Help?

My neighbor has a good family friend whose five-year-old daughter needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life.

Katie Currie was diagnosed with leukemia when she was three years old. She lives in Scotland with her parents and little sister. The local news media where she lives put out an appeal for donors and more than 1,000 people came forward. But none of them was a match.

It's hard to believe there isn't somebody out there in the world who's a match for Katie. We just have to find that person. If you forward this appeal to all the people you know and they, in turn, do the same, we must be able to find a person who can save Katie's life.

A simple blood test is all it takes to find out whether or not you're a match. You can contact your local bone marrow donor program wherever you live, including Singapore, the U.K., and the United States. You can find contact details with a Google search. Call and ask if you can take a blood test to see if you're a match for a little girl in Scotland and see what they can do about coordinating this.

You can watch a short video clip about Katie by clicking HERE.

You can read an article about Katie in The Sunday Mail by clicking HERE.

Imagine if Katie were your daughter or niece. How far would you go to save her life?

P.S. I'm going on a brief holiday with my family today so I won't be posting anything on my blog for the next three days. I'll be back with a frivolous Friday post at the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic holiday with the family Shin!! I continue to read your blog daily. Thanks for posting regularly. Lots of love, Mylinh and family.

Christine Raza said...

Just signed up to be a donor. Should get my kit within a week. Have a great holiday!!!

Love, Christine

Christine Raza said...

I just got my membership card so I am an official donor. I emailed to ask if I am a match for Katie. Can you find out if her family has submitted a request for a donor at the following website?

Keeping my fingers crossed...

Shin said...


You're amazing. Thanks so much. They've found a match for Katie now. Sorry I didn't update my blog about that.

Wow. I'm so impressed with your heart and smarts.