Friday, June 20, 2008

Popping Pills

My daily schedule is organized around my medications. Upon waking, I take Tykerb, codeine, and Paracetamol. Then I wait an hour, swallow a handful of supplements, eat breakfast, then take Xeloda (Capecitabine), which is my new handy-dandy oral chemo drug. Before lunch, another handful of supplements. Then more codeine. Before dinner, another handful of supplements, followed by another dose of Xeloda after dinner. Then more codeine and Paracetamol. I don't even have much of an appetite these days, but I have to force myself to eat, just so I can take my pills.

My goal each day is to have more real food than pills in my stomach. I'm still under 40 kg (88 lbs.), even though I'm trying to eat more and more each day. I've even added fatty junk food to my diet. I had some fast food at McDonald's recently and immediately felt sick.

Here's a tip for those of you who are trying to lose weight: eat fresh veggies. You just cannot gain weight on a diet of fresh vegetables no matter how much of the stuff you eat. After months of that, eat some fatty junk food. It will make you so sick, you'll go straight back to the veggies.

Speaking of popping pills, here's a funny rant from You Tube. It's a video clip of Bill Maher, an American talk show host, talking about the pharmaceutical companies' hold on consumer health.

Have a good, healthy, pill-less weekend.

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