Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hand-Foot Syndrome Cure Works!

I tried the henna remedy for chemo-induced Hand-Foot Syndrome last night and it worked!

Granted, my feet had already begun healing, so there were no more open bleeding or pus-oozing wounds, but the skin was still very thin, raw, and tender (and peeling off in small patches), that I was still having some trouble walking.

I'm scheduled to start a new chemo regimen in two days, so I was worried that my feet weren't ready to take the new onslaught of chemo and Hand-Foot Syndrome, but after just one night with the natural henna remedy, my feet feel ready to take it on!

Thanks so much to Monique Doyle Spencer, author of the article, "Want a Zillion-Dollar Cure Idea?", who first introduced me to this natural henna remedy for Hand-Foot Syndrome. I hope other cancer patients suffering from HFS read this and get the same relief.

Click HERE to get instructions on how to make up the henna paste.

Monique Doyle Spencer is a breast cancer survivor and author of the book, "The Courage Muscle: A Chicken's Guide to Living With Breast Cancer." She has another book coming out this October, "How Can I Help? Everyday Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Live With Cancer." She donates all proceeds from her book to a medical center in Boston, U.S.A. I haven't read her book yet, but it's on my list of things to get for myself once I'm up and about again - maybe by this weekend, thanks to this henna remedy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shin
Glad to hear it worked! Wow. (I didn't think it would, to be frank.)

Can you post pictures of your post-henna feet pls? Since we already have a 'before' picture. I'm very very curious.

Ivan said...

I think you and Monique should get together.

I was reading her article and I felt like I was reading your blog - same humour, similar writing style. My suggestion is that the two of you collaborate, write the best kick-arse cancer book ever written and become zillion-airs yourselves!

ps - hope you're proud of me. You know how petrified I am of writing comments on your blog! And this is not exactly a constructuve one!

Clare xo

Monique Doyle Spencer said...

I am so happy to hear your news. Check out to see your story in Boston on Paul Levy's blog.

I'm really delighted. Wishing you strength, love and laughter.


Christine Raza said...

Fantastic!!! I am so happy to hear your feet are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,
Glad to hear about your much happier feet!

Shin said...

Dear Anonymous re: feet photos.

I'll try to get some photos up soon, but you really can't see much because the henna has dyed the feet a reddish, rusty color. So my feet actually look like they're red, raw, and sore even though they're not.

john1960 said...

Glad to hear the henna treatment worked. I'm taking Sutent in a clinical trial for metastasized thyroid cancer and have suffered from Hand-Foot Syndrome during every cycle. I plan to try the henna treatment during my next cycle.

Shin said...


I'd love to hear how it works for you. If it's not too much trouble, could you let me know after you've tried it?

I've added you to my list of cancer bloggers. Glad to cyber-meet you!

Khadija Dawn Carryl said...

I think that you are an absolutely beautiful person. You have been so blessed to have seen so much of the world.

I really hope you are feeling well these days. I send out a hug to you, and a smile which can always warm the heart.

Your post has made me really excited. As I've been speaking to Monique for some time now, and had intentions of putting up an article on my blog. I am so glad that I am only doing that now so that I can add your post to the list of my favorite links to Henna and Cancer Relief.

Here is the article. if you are feeling up it please add any comments or your thoughts. Take care of yourself.

stage cancer said...

Its really glad to hear that it works. I will suggest it to one of my friend who is suffering from cancer.