Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May it be

I recall when I was young and in love or heartbroken, it was easy to find songs that were very meaningful to me. But then someone else would share a mixed tape of the songs that were so meaningful to them - but to me the songs were kind of bad and I think more was read into them then was really there. I realized that something that is very moving is probably just very personal.

So I am very hesitant to share a song that I've been listening a lot to for inspiration during quiet moments. I suspect what is touching to me, might just be a crappy song to someone else. But here it is anyway. Sometimes I imagine it is Shin on the journey to find her way. Other times I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and I feel it is me.

I also suspect that the song reaches me a bit more than usual because of Gandalf. Gandalf may be my favorite fictional character. This song is played in the LOTR movie when Frodo loses Gandalf - (Gandalf holds back the Balrog but plunges to his doom in the Mines of Moria). Gandalf is such a wise paternal figure that his loss is a very moving part of the story.

And I've probably just proved my point that what is moving to me probably already sounds silly to others. Anyway here is the link:


May It Be by Enya

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh, how far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be shadows call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now


<*ANGEL*> said...

Hi Tony

It's great to hear from you again. Have been following this blog for some time and wondering what has been happening to you and the children..

It's a really beautiful song and I think many will actually relate to it than think it is silly....

I guess many pple have been through dark periods in their life.. many have lost a loved one before.. :)

writerinresidence said...

That's a great song.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, take care and we will be here for you and the kids.

Alka said...

Hi Tony: a great song!
Have been coming to the blog every single day to find out how you, Josie and Toby have been doing. Almost sent you a text message yesterday.I know you've been busy but whenever time permits do keep posting. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree music is individualized, and what resonates emotionally for one person may not to the same degree (or even at all) for another. Nonetheless, I think this is a very moving song -- particularly in the context(s) you’ve provided. Thanks for posting.

Thank you, too, for the abiding candor throughout the blog. Shin and you allow privileged access to your private experience with dying, death and life moving forward. You both share an indefatigable spirit and a commitment to living.

I’m prone to see the world in a stark and unforgiving manner, an absurd place that oscillates between animus and nonsense. This blog reminds me there can be goodness; and that if bad influences formally outnumber good ones they do not necessarily outweigh them. One (small) light of hope can illuminate the way. I think Shin and you hold out that possibility. Thanks again for your posts

Anonymous said...

Tony, I am glad to "hear" you guys are well... keep it up.

Looking at the video of Shin and Toby, I forgot she's gone already! Like what Shin said... she's always in our heart.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I enjoy readingthis blog tremendously. Shin's writing is great and the blog addictive! was just thinking that it would be great if the entries can be compiled into a journal and sold to the public. the proceeds of the sale could even be channelled to cancer foundation.
the book would be a useful teaching material to secondary school and serve as a "what to expect " reference guide for all cancer patients and their families.

Leighbee said...

xxxx Never to be forgotten and still very much part of my life... xxxx

Maggie said...

My father lost his battle on the 23rd May 09. It was just 3 days past his 66th birthday. Everyday is a constant struggle for me. I walked past his fav spot, and I would imagine him sitting there practising his calligraphy. each time I hear the key turn, I thought it was him. Now when I hear someone whistling, I remember him.

Ben Lee said...

a good song.

life goes on. :]

Leighbee said...

Just a quick post to let you know that I still check in ...still think of you constantly and for you to know that I always will...

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if I should write this here.

But I thought I could give it a shot.

You see, there's a 4yr old girl with 4th stage cancer and she requires treatment in NY. The cost of this to begin treatment is S$500,000.

There are various people raising funds for her:
Hardwarezone has raised $27k and there will be a charity soccer match to raise funds for her:

The family have raised S$200,000 and are still short of quite a lot.

If you can, do donate. You can make donations here:

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous said...

hi Tony,

Don't know why today juz suddenly missed Shin so much and came to this blog and see if you have any update on you guys....

Have you found a new home for Shin so that we can go & visit her?

Mandy Lee

Anonymous said...

Shin, I miss you and your wittiness :)

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Take care, Dennis

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

How are children and you doing?

Every week, without fail, I will pop in to see if there are any updates. Only today then I thought of checking out the comments section.. indeed, you have been reading the blog too and posting the comments up :) I guess you are not ready to post any entry yet.

Don't worry... take good care of yourself and the children. All I wish for is that you guys are doing well...

Karin said...

I continue to come here once in a while to browse through Shin's blog entries. Her words remain such an inspiration for me. Tony I wonder how you and the children have been doing. Do give us a brief update once you are ready.

Very best wishes always

ALI KATI said...

I miss your voice, Shin.

Leighbee said...


Alison Lester said...

The other night I dreamed that Shin walked into my kitchen. "You're here," I said. "Yes, I'm here," she said. "I knew that," I said.

zorop said...

they say life moves on..

did yours shin?

where the hell is heaven?

six teens at least wanted to save
the world, two jumped to their death.

why am i still here?

wise Shin, can you hear?
can you answer?

madeline said...

Hi Tony

I hope you and family is coping well .. just leaving a note to say hi!


Khadija Dawn Carryl said...

I hope you are all doing alright.
I know it isn't easy at all. This all really brings tears to my eyes, and heart. She was so strong and she made this blog, which has helped so many others cope. She really was a blessing to everyone. Thank you and her for what she did.

Anonymous said...

hi..what a beautiful song..thanks again for posting..!Elizabeth Wilcox

Elizabeth Wilcox

ladyashely said...

hi...the song you made is so very beautiful..thanks again for your posting..good luck..!Elizabeth Wilcox

Elizabeth Wilcox

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

What are your plans for this blog?

I still drop by to see if there is any news of you and the children.

If you intend to leave the blog as it is without any further updates, do let us know.

My thoughts are still with you and the children.


Sankrish said...

happy birthday shin