Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home from Hospital

Came home from the hospital today. The doctor came to see me in my hospital room before I checked out. He said the surgery went well. He said I’ll go home with the drains but they can probably come out after 5 days. On the right side - just under 50 ml. Left - about 10 ml., not even enough to cover the bottom of the drain container. I asked about smaller drains, but he said the suction’s not as good so keep the ones I have.

I feel just fine. No pain or discomfort. Just a bit inconvenient to carry these bloody drains around. And I mean “bloody” literally, not as an expletive.

The cytology report for the blood taken last week showed no cancer cells in the bloody fluid. What a relief!

I was worried about how Josie would react to seeing her mom with tubes of blood coming out of her body and into a plastic container. She looked at the barrel-shaped containers, which were only filled a little bit, and said, “Mommy, why did you drink it all?” And then she didn’t take any more notice of it. I guess a 3-year-old doesn’t know yet to be scared of blood. The first time I saw a woman with drains at the doctor’s office, I was shocked and immediately felt sorry for her. Kids are so much better at handling this type of thing. They’re so amazing.

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