Friday, May 19, 2006

Reconstruction Surgeon # 4

Went to see my fourth reconstruction surgeon after seeing on his Web site that he’d spent a year at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. And unlike other plastic surgeons who only listed breast augmentation, liposuction, and the like, he actually listed breast reconstruction as one of the procedures he does.

I liked him a lot. His U.S. training definitely shows in his professionalism. More doctors in Singapore should go to the U.S. for training in doctor-patient communication skills. He was clear and methodical in his explanation of the reconstruction options I had; he listened very well to details of my case and my goals; and he was articulate, kind, and smart. I’ve decided that when it comes time for reconstruction, I’ll go with him.

Chest is already filling up with fluid, and again, it feels thick like gelatin, rather than liquid. The bulging on the right side is creeping up toward the collarbone, so that it’s overlapping with the skin lesion. Skin lesion still looks like a red, raw, gaping hole.

Began course of antibiotics.

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