Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad News, Worse News

I went in for my weekly chemo today but instead of chemo, I got a CT scan (CAT scan) and chest X-ray.

The bad news is, I have a chest infection. This cough I've had for the past four days is due to the flurry of white stuff that showed up on my chest X-ray. The radiologist and oncologist said we have to get rid of this infection ASAP, so instead of chemo, I was put on an IV of antibiotics.

The worse news is... my cancer has spread to the liver. There are four spots spread out across the liver.

Well... it could be even worse. It could be FIVE spots instead of four.

So it seems Navelbine, the chemo I'm on now, isn't working so well anymore and we need to try another drug. My doctor is recommending Tykerb, which was just made available a few months ago, plus a Taxane (Taxol or Taxotere). For some reason, she thinks the usual recommendation of Tykerb + Xeloda isn't as good for me. I can't start on this until my chest infection is gone, so I'll have until next week to do some research on these new drugs.

I knew the cancer would spread to the liver at some point, so I wasn't shocked or too upset by the news. Still, I didn't think it would happen so soon. I've known of a few women whose cancer had spread to the liver and they died within months. Then again, my oncologist's husband had liver cancer and lived another six years. I'll try to keep thinking of him and not the ones who didn't make it.


Hyun Joo said...

I'm not very good at writing or even speaking for that matter and when I'm with you I can't say the things I really want to say. But I want you to know that I think you are an amazing woman. You are Alive, Present and Achingly Lovely. You've charmed me completely. Chin up/fists tight.

amytg said...

Shin, As a fast and frequent talker I find myself strangely silenced by the magnitude of your situation. I am with you in my heart as you fight this enemy among us. Fingers crossed, lips clenched, prayers thumping I am your sister-in-law, Amy

Carol said...

Keep fighting sweetheart. They are making advances each day in fighting this f... disease. We need the medication that will put the breaks on while they find the cure and your doctor is figuring that out. If you ever need backup just holler. Love and big hugs, Carol

Jen Kim said...

Cheering for you and loving you Shin. Hang in there.
with many prayers,

Anonymous said...

Skylar and her mommy both thinking of you. FIght that chest infection. Am here online reading your blog. Don't worry about us. Worry about yourself first. Lots of love, we're all rootin' for you!
Teresa and Sky

Christine said...

I keep typing and re-typing and I find myself unable to put my feelings into words. Your strength and ability to find the positive side of any situation blows me away. I have total faith that between the wonders of medical science, and your amazing strength and resolve, you will beat this. All my love, Christine