Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Life to Be Proud Of

Here’s a game I play to take stock of myself and help guide the way I live day to day. I think about what people will say about me after I die. Then I think about what I'd WANT people to say about me.

I’d like to know that I’ve had a positive impact on the lives of people I’ve known, in small ways or big. I’d like to hear things that would make me proud.

Here are some things I’d like people to say about me:

-- Shin was a fighter. She never gave up.
-- Shin was a great mother. Josie and Toby couldn’t have had a better mother.
-- Shin loved Tony for reasons even he didn’t understand.
-- Shin could always make me laugh.
-- Shin delighted in the smallest little things and appreciated so many things most of us take for granted.
-- Because of Shin, I know a lot about cancer risks and how to lessen them in my life.
-- I stopped smoking/started exercising regularly/eating healthier food because of Shin.
-- Sometimes I want to give up and just let the cancer get me. But then I think of Shin and I decide to fight another day.
-- Shin was so patient and tolerant. (Okay, no one’s going to say this about me now, but I’m working on it!)
-- Shin showed me that death doesn’t have to be a terrifying thing. Because of her, I don’t fear death; instead, I embrace life with more gusto.
-- Shin taught me how to use lie/lay and I/me correctly. Whenever I can’t decide whether to use “I” or “me”, I think of her.
-- From Shin, I learned to see myself as a work in progress, and each day, I try to act in a way that makes me a better person today than the person I was yesterday.
-- Shin forgave herself and others for their weaknesses and mistakes.

And on and on. I have so many more things to put on this list because there’s so much I’m still working on.

You should try making such a list for yourself. And every time you have to make a choice in your daily life, whether it be yelling at your kids versus speaking to them calmly, or taking the high-paid job versus staying home to raise your children, think about this list of things you'd like people to say about you.

You don't have to face death to live a life that you can be proud of.


Eira said...

Hey Shin,

As you can imagine, I have already typed this message before. Hmmph computers!!! ##$
This is to say that I believe in everything you wrote in your last msg, but you were missing something:
How about Shin the party animal, Shin who makes us laugh, Shin who never complained about how hard life could be and more importantly:

Shin who fancied Wentworth!! And looked him up!! (As most people did)

Ha ha !!

Love you xxxx

Marge said...

I will echo that with: "Shin was a fun drunk."

And btw, after years of smoking 2 or 3 cigarettes every day (with 6 months off here and there), I decided to finally really quit 3 weeks ago. Thanks for your inspiration, Shin!


Jen Kim said...
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Jen Kim said...

Well, I never met the drunk Shin and it appears I missed out! However, I am proud to call you sister, cousin, friend, mentor, babysitter, and teacher. Thanks for constantly showing me how to live with integrity, honesty, passion, and love... by living life the way you do!


Hyun Joo said...

How about Shin the lone night warrior- patrolling the footpaths of the East Coast Park with her handy dandy ipod and sneakers?

All heart, all guts.

Alison said...

Please add: Shin had a wonderful knack of buying clothes that fit me much better than they fit her.

Golf69 said...

Hi Shin,
Got to know your blog by Thet.
I will always remember you as the Super strong pregnant lady who would 'climb' up the sink top to check on the cracks in the toilet or lean over the balcony to see the paint work, busy video taking when we were house searching back in 2002 before settle for 4B Sennett Rd.
You are so full of drive and energy. I was kinda beaten by you & told my husband that I have not seen a customer like you before... so fussy!! .. ha ha ... However after that 'long' journey with you ( almost 25 houses??) ,
I have actually learn something. You have helped me to become a patience person and learn to listen to my customer's needs, instead of just wanting to close the deal quick and forget about them.
I have also grown to love & enjoy my job and helping customer to find their dream home is the greatest satisfaction I get.
Shin, thank you for giving me the experience which I will never forget.