Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good News! (6:00 p.m.)

The PET/CT scan showed almost all of my tumors are gone. On the last CT, there were dozens of black dots all over the chest area, but only three showed up on this latest scan. And the large tumors in the lungs have almost disappeared.

One surprise was when the oncologist said there was “no more” spread in the bones. No more? I didn’t know there was any in the first place! She had said “sternum” rather than bone, so it hadn’t registered as bone spread.

The conclusion: I still have cancer in the lungs, chest (soft tissue), and bone (sternum), but much, much less than I had before.

I’ll have one more cycle of chemotherapy (once a week for three weeks) plus Herceptin (indefinitely). I’ll have another PET/CT scan and a brain MRI in four months to see how things are going.

My religious family and friends will say this good news is the work of God.

My naturopath-loving friends will say this is the result of my no meat, no dairy, no sugar diet, plus the 35 supplements I swallow each day.

My doctors will say this is the chemo working.

Maybe it’s a combination of all three. We can’t know for sure, so it doesn’t hurt to cover all bases.

To celebrate this good news, I’m going for a run tonight!

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T said...

Thank God, if there is one, thank you for being so disciplined with your diet, and just "Thank God" - it is a great expression. Wow! I'm so psyched. I"m in Florida at Disney with the family but do think of you often especially about the diet. Every day each time I see a 300lb American, and the size of the portions and the processed food; I think of you. So hey, babes, the food sacrifice is worth it. Even my mother in law bought you a book. Great book btw. "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips". Will give it to you when I"m back. I had forwarded her one of your blogs once as she's a social worker, so she was particularly interested in your thoughts about the differences about what the difference between healthcare givers "bedside manner" when dealing with cancer patients. Lots of love,