Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cancer, Not Infection

Just home from the hospital. My gut instinct all along was that all the white stuff on my lung X-rays was cancer, rather than the infection that my oncologist and two respiratory physicians said it was. The biopsy results came out this morning and it's cancer.

I also learned that they'd given me an overdose of sedative during the biopsy -- 5 mls. of the drug instead of the 2 mls (diluted) that I was supposed to have. Yikes! Big mistake. The doctor said I went into seizures during the operation, so they had to stop for a while and give me more drugs to stop the seizures! I was supposed to wake up 15 minutes after the biopsy and go back to my hospital room, but instead, I spent seven hours in the Intensive Care Unit, giving Tony and Michelle (friend from Sydney) one helluva scare. I could've ended up in a coma! What a close call! I'm just glad I wasn't there to see it all because I'd have been pretty worried.

Well, the good thing is, I'm still alive and I have lots of people around to look after me.

Now my oncologist has to figure out what chemo drugs to try on me next since it seems the last two didn't work. I'll have some more tests done on Monday to see if the cancer's spread to the brain and whether the tumors on the liver have gotten worse.

It's a lot of bad news to digest all at once, but I'm still hopeful that some good news will come our way soon.

For now, I just need to get some rest and give my body a chance to recover from the biopsy and all the drugs that have been pumped into me in the last 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

you went thro so much just doing a biopse?!... imagine your husband n friend waiting outside not knowing what is happening inside.
How can the doc make such a mistake??!! ...overdose u!I'm so angry!Pls Shin call on me if ever u need any help...please.

Anonymous said...

Shin, I am so sorry that the results weren't what you had hoped. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Pati Monahan Iovanni(Phil's sister)