Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update and Thanks

After two days of body aches, chills and fever, I finally felt back to normal today.

My mouth still hurts, even when I eat soup. It's amazing how much a little thing like ulcers in the mouth can take over your life! I know some of you live with chronic pain in the back, knees and hips. I had one friend who had a root canal and suffered from the surgery and its complications for over a year.

I can't imagine living with that kind of pain for over a year. I think I'd rather have all the pain all at once than a chronic, niggling pain over a long period of time. But I guess I'd better start imagining it pretty soon!

Thanks to all of you who've gone through my To Do List! I have several days' worth of yummy soup and dahl in my fridge and freezer. I just had some of Helen's soup -- the best meal I've had in three days! It was painful, but sooooo worth it!

And this brings me to repeat myself on something I've learned about cancer and human nature. We're capable of incredible strength, courage, acts of kindness and generosity. I'm really bowled over by some of the things my family and friends have done for me, Tony and the kids during the past few years.

When we had Thanksgiving dinner last year, we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. One very wise friend said, "I'm thankful that we haven't all succumbed to the cynicism of our times." I think he might have put it more eloquently, but the idea that we can still be optimistic about the world despite so much cynicism gives me hope that Josie and Toby will grow up in a happy world.

Thanks again to all you, for your prayers and good wishes, for stocking my kitchen with food that I can eat, for looking after my kids, for giving me kind words of support and encouragement. And, of course, for reading my Blog.


Christine Raza said...

I am soooooo happy to hear you are feeling better and that you have such wonderful people around you to take care of you and help you with your to-do list. I wish so much that I could be in Singapore to help you, but I take great comfort in knowing that Carol is on her way. Also, thank you so much for your blog. Reading your entries every day, it doesn't feel like we are half a world apart!

Love, Christine

Eira said...

You fight through all of this that your cancer throws at you like no one else.

Remember when we were out and about and I said that when I was thin I felt annoyed seeing people eat pizza and cakes in cafes, and I would look at them and think "that's why you are the size you are, that's why I am thin" but I really wanted to eat what they were eating, I felt like I was missing out. You said you knew what I meant completely. So, I'm guessing here, but you have denied yourself so many things that we take for granted all the time, it's so amazing of you never to complain to anyone. I would be moaning constantly!! As I said, plug an IV into me and I would love to give you the resources that I have to fight your pesky cancer cells.
(You don't want my liver, though).

Love, E