Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Prayer to God

I don't believe in God, so this is rhetorical.

Dear God,

First of all, thanks for listening to this prayer from a non-believer. Why am I praying to you if I don't believe you exist? Maybe for the same reason kids have imaginary friends.

I know there are a lot of people out there praying for me and asking you to cure me of cancer.

Don't listen to them.

Don't waste your efforts on me. I'm not asking you to save me. If that doesn't hurt your ego too much and you're still in a giving mood, here are some things I'd like to ask you to do for me instead.

I know a little girl with cancer. She's a great kid and she has a loving, kind family that exemplifies what anybody would consider good people. They add to the goodness of this world. Save this little girl instead.

I know a woman who has been trying to have a baby for many years. She has so much love to give that it's spilling over onto other people's children. She's the mother every child deserves to have. She would love and nurture her baby to add to the goodness of this world. Give this woman a baby instead.

I know a man who is dying of cancer, but he's using his last days to bring hope, encouragement, and peace to thousands of other cancer patients and their loved ones. He is adding to the goodness of this world. Save him instead.

I know a woman who has just lost her young son to cancer. She is distraught and cannot get through her days. She has a loving heart that adds to the goodness of this world. Save her instead.

I know a young man who has cancer. He's supposed to get married next month. His beautiful young fiancee is not spending the month before their big day planning a wedding that girls grow up dreaming about. Instead, she's sitting next to her fiance at the clinic, holding a plastic bag for him to vomit into as he gets his chemo treatment. This young couple deserves a chance at happiness, so they, too, can add to the goodness of this world. Save that young man instead.

I could go on with many others you could direct your attentions to, but I'll leave you with these for now. Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

You seam like such a beautiful person!

deb said...

Thank you Shin.

I tune in everyday to hopefully get an update on how you're doing but, in true Shin fashion, you're more worried about others than yourself.

If we had more Shin's in the world it would be a much better place.

I think we should all sit down for a few minutes each day and think about others, what they're going through and how they are suffering.
It would certainly stop us being a bunch of whinges and thinking "poor me" and would be the start to a better world.

You're a great role model.
love ya XX

Lois Ann said...

Why not "save you?" Yes, there are oh, so many people who need the time to give as they are so special at it. God loves all of us, you included. My prayer for you is that "Whatever God has in mind for you, that you respond to it and have peace every day. Even in the midst of trial, with belief in God, one can have that peace. And I think you are in that place. Whether you realize it or not, I believe that you are doing God's will. And only He knows about your dying time. You are doing the rest. God blesses you, I know.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we tell our kids to believe in Santa Claus, isn't it the same as believing in God a little? That fantastic man in the sky who can drop presents around to the poor and needy? Hello, didn't we stop believing in him when we were young? This is how I think of "GOD". He's like a man in the sky who can have his presence in people's lives, because they beleive. But he's a it like Santa, isn't he - no one sees him and let's face it, no adults believe in him any more. I'd love comments here.

Anonymous said...

Hmm and if I were god I would definitely make you fatter and have more hair on your head and dance on tables because you could

And you and Tony would dance on my table all night. And I would not be so much of a piss head.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

I would not attempt to change your beliefs. I know what you mean when you talk about certain Christians and I do feel the same way as you. I believe in God but am often confused about what he wants.

I find it such a coincidence that I too went to church last Sunday, the same Sunday as you. I have not been to church for a number of years.