Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Fun Than People

Some of you have told me you get worried when I don't update my Blog for a while. I try not to post a Blog entry if I don't have anything new to report. There's no point in saying anything if I have nothing to say. But at this stage of my cancer, no news could be construed as bad news, so I'll just write a quick note to explain that I've been too busy to update my Blog these past few days.

I've had a number of overseas visitors, including two friends from university (from 23 years ago!), an ex-colleague from Hong Kong, two friends from Australia and my sister from the U.S. I've been spending time with my friends, watching my past and present mingle, and hearing everyone swap stories.

Yesterday, there were ten of us gathered together, friends spanning the last two decades of my life, eating, drinking wine, and laughing. It occurred to me what a rare and lucky treat it was to see so many of the important people in my life together in one room having such a great time.

I've also been laughing so much these past few days that my sides have been hurting. I've had to double up on the pain medication, but I don't mind. The idea that I might die laughing is cause for even more laughter.

My sister just left this morning so I might get some relief. I don't know anyone who laughs as much as she does. She'll recycle a joke over and over again and laugh harder each time she tells it. When we were kids, we used to say to each other, "We have more fun than people."

These past few days, I've been having more fun than people.


Evelyn Teo said...

Hi Shin, you put a smile on my face as I read this blog. Truly happy for you that you are having fun and living life. You are always in my thoughts. XOXO Evelyn

leighbee said...

To quote the old saying........."Laughter is truely the best medicine........"
Take lots of it - you won't over dose :-)

Elaine said...

Delighted to hear about the new drugs, the laughter and the flight of stairs! I don't think I ever managed that on Adriamycin, in fact, I think I just stuck to lifts!

I have at last sourced some Essiac tea and have one jar for you if you’d like to give it a go…

Lots of love and long may the laughter continue


Francesca Giessmann said...

laugh... until the belly hurts... it was the only thing that made me feel good during treatment... and to my dear friends that visited often when things "didnt look like a laugh to say the least"... I am forever grateful! Enjoy these moments Shin ad I hope your kids are right in the middle of the fun so they can also have these memories hatched in their "memory chest"... sending you peace and moments of laughter...LOTS OF IT
( Christa's friend from Switzerland)

Anonymous said...

Shin, am truly happy that you are having a fun day. Cheers. Yvonne

jin said...


Glad we could have more fun than people together! It was wonderful to meet your friends!

Your sis,