Friday, October 31, 2008

Cancer Battle Humor

By now, you might be tired of all the cliches about battling cancer, fighting the good fight, discovering the hidden strength within, and so on.

Here's a funny article titled, "Loved Ones Recall Local Man's Cowardly Battle With Cancer". This is from The Onion, a satirical news site.

Have a good laugh!

P.S. Channel 8 here in Singapore has filmed a documentary about me and my fight with cancer. The program is part of a series titled, "In The Face Of Death". It will be in English with Chinese subtitles. Broadcast is next Tuesday, November 4 at 10:30 p.m.


Margaret said...

Wow! I would love to see the documentary - will they put a link to it online?

Me and the rest of your adoring fans outside Singapore

Shin said...


Good question. I'm not sure whether they'll make the film available for viewing online. I'll ask them.

Anonymous said...

hello shin! ((:
i happen to see typing in this blog on tv.
no matter what, you are one strong lady.((:
you must continue to fight hard for the people around you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

Saw the preview... can't wait! Glad your story's gonna be told! Many of my friend who read about your blog had told me that you're such a amazing woman!


Victoria Ho said...

Be strong and of good courage.

Christine Raza said...

Can you record it at home? If so, I can post it online for others to see. If not, I'm sure they would be happy to give you a copy. I know everyone would love to see it.

I miss you tons and I'll see you at Christmas!!!

Love, Christine

Nadia said...

Hi Shin,

i just saw the advertisment on channel 8 on the documentary you're in. and i caught sight of your blog and decided to read it.

I would just like to tell you, i think you're a really brave woman. Your family are really blessed to have you.

your posts reflects your passion for life and so many other attributes people take for granted. :) I will be reading your blog on a regular basis from noe on.

God Bless you.

Mike said...

I saw your blog appear in the TV on Channel 8.

If you survive,its great.
But remember this,if your doctor say you have 2 months to live.Your doctor mean you only have 3 days to 1 week to live. Doctors tend to estimate the wrong amount of time left for a cancer patient to live.

Even if you recover from Cancer,you might have a chance for cancer to return again.

This is probably the most important time of your life to reflect on your good deeds or sin.(Whichever is more)

Good luck for your fight.

Take Care

astrogalaxy said...

Just saw the TV ad, am looking forward to tues for the documentary!
As I was reading your past post entries and I'm touched.
Your kids are cute too!
Take care and good health!

Anonymous said...

i really admire your courage and perseverance. i really have to learn from you.

Anonymous said...


I saw the trailer on TV and will be sure to catch the show.

I read through some of your earlier entries including the post that traced your entire prognosis cum treatment - I found it puzzling as to why the cancer returned so quickly in each occasion, as you had been declared "cancer-free". If you had been truly "cancer-free", the cancer shouldn't have come back so quickly... unless there had been some latent/undetected remnants which had failed to be removed from the ops or by the chemo. (Yes, I am implying that a wrong or rather negligent prognosis had been given to you, or that doctors had not done their job well by completely eliminating traces.)

I wonder where you received your treatment.

Nevertheless, what's past is past and I wish you the best of luck.

Shin said...


Thanks for your kind words. I'm a Star Wars fan, too, but nothing like you! (I had a look at your blog)

Shin said...


I wonder why you felt the need to be so negative about how much time I have left?

Just curious... Are you a Christian?

Shin said...

Anonymous re: "cancer-free" prognosis,

I think the questions you bring up are worthwhile mentioning in a blog post so I'll write about that later this week or next week.


Francis Lim said...

Dear Shin

I am deeply inspired after reading your blog
I am moved by your courage and I am deeply humbled by your strenght in the face of crisis,
You will be in my thoughts and prayers always and reading your blog have indeed shown me the depth of the human spirit and the power of love

Thank you Shin

Francis Lim

Sharon Ng said...

Hi Shin,
I am Sharon,the assistant from Rosemount(hope you remember who I am)
Saw you on TV,hope everything's fine with MUST win this battle.Since you can the 1st time,you must win too this time coz your husband,Josie & Toby needs you to be there with them for the years to come..
Whenever I do my prayers,you are always there...All the very best to you.I know you can do it coz you are a really BRAVE woman!!

Melody said...

Dear Shin,
Im deeply impressed with your courage and passion, battling against cancer.

May God be with you at all you strength and power to fight on this battle cuz you'll nv be left alone.

Im looking forward for the documentary on tv.

Lots of love,

Crocobuaya said...

Hi Shin

You must be strong to fight this battle. Don't worry about how much time is left but live it to the fullest. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. It was the last stage and the doctor said that she have only 3 to 6 months left but she survived for 6 years and 6 months. Remember you must have faith and be strong, you will win the battle.

All the best to you.


Angel said...

Hi Shin,

My sis just passed away 3 wks ago. She's same like you, spread all over and it finished her in less than 3 yrs. little kids missed her badly. You still have chance, so go to the battle and win it, don't let anyone miss you.

Ronnie Ng said...

포기하지 말고 힘내세요~! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm just a stranger who happened to read this blog and i just really admire your spirit. Hope all goes well for you and your family. Your children are adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just to say that i admire your spirit. Hope all goes well for you and your family, your children are adorable : )

Shin said...


I'm very impressed with your Korean! I had a look at your Web site. Very impressive.

Jessica said...

Hi! Like others, I saw ur blog address on TV & decided to drop u a note.

My dad is a cancer survivor (colon cancer 3rd stage) & I was fortunate that my dad survive & receive a clean bill after the "5-years" period.

I've learnt to be grateful that I woke up knowing that my parents are with me & I've learnt to be strong.

We never know when will be our last day. So let's live life to the fullest because the value of life is the quality & not the quantity.

Anonymous said...

I learned about you from a documentary preview on channel 8 even before it was aired by doing search on google.

I was very amazed by your courage and hope God would keep you safe and give you a miracle.

If you are Christian, I would like to invite you to Lighthouse Evangelism's Miracle Service every Saturday.

I believe God would touch you.

Kathie said...

Dear Shin,

Just saw the trailer of your doc and visited your blog.

You are a beautiful soul indeed.

Yes, like you, I believe in a loving, benevolent God who has granted us free will. Because of His will, all existed and created. See how He bless you with your lovely kids.

Like to share with you my story, I lost my dad at 8 and mum at 17. But they gave me their best when they were around and their love was enough to see me through ordeal. I am a year younger than you. From the secular point of view, I am probably successful. But I like to have yours for you are living while many are merely existing. From your post, I believe you have mastered how to count blessings.

Well done Shin! 加油!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

This documenary will give you lots of publicity which is a good thing, as many more people will be inspired by your story and draw strength for their own situations. I only hope it will not disturb the privacy of your family though.

Even if someone like Mike feels compelled to demonstrate his obvious lack of compassion and grace, it serves to pull the rest of us even more closely together. We are united behind you Shin!

Much love,

Shin said...


Your sentiments are very well expressed. Thank you.

Cinda said...

Hi Shin,

I happened to watch the Channel 8 documentary about you. You are such a strong lady and your kids will be very proud to have a mother like you.

Take care and continue to fight this battle.

Freezy said...

Hi friend,

I think of you as my idol. You're really great. Can you tape the documentary film about you & post it on my blog? I'd like my friends to see it. FYI, I'm only P3. Thank you very much.

Shin said...


That's quite a compliment! I've never been anyone's idol. Thanks very much.

You say you're P3. That means you're nine years old, right?

I will look into getting the documentary film in a format that can be posted on the Internet. I'll ask Channel 8 about that.

Thanks so much for watching the film and for your interest in my story. If I can be worthy of being your or anybody's idol, I'll consider my life well-lived.

Vans~ said...

Hi! I just watched the episode on TV and my mum and i have been really inspired by you and the way you raise your kids ( :

TQ said...

Hi Shin.

I saw you on Channel 8 last night and I admire your determination to fight for your life. How lucky you are to have supportive family and friends. Be strong. You give inspiration to me to enjoy every minute of my life.


Lee said...


I was so touched after watching your story on TV.

You're a heroine in my heart. I hope you can live more than five years to spend time with your two adorable children. I can understand what you must feel as a mother who might leave this world at anytime.

Happy Birthday to you in advance!
: )


Phoenix said...

Hi Shin.

I happened to watch the Channel 8 documentary about your fight with cancer last Tuesday, and I was really inspired by your positive outlook on life.

I am recovering from SLE and am in remission at the moment but can't help feeling depressed at times. *ashamed*

You are really awesome. *hugs*

Take care,