Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Donate For The Cure

My friend's sister, Deborah, is doing a three-day walk to raise money for "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" and National Philanthropic Trust, which fund breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment.

If you can donate any amount at all to contribute to Deborah's effort, and more important, the foundation's effort to find a cure for breast cancer, please click HERE.

As I've said before on this blog, I think a cure will be found within the next decade. That's not just idle speculation. My prediction is based on what I've been reading and where I've seen cancer research heading in recent years. In fact, it was two years ago when I predicted this, so there are only eight more years to go. If I could just hold on for eight more years...


Anonymous said...

hi Shin,

I've been introduced to your blog by one of the mummies i met at a forum in Singapore. I admire you for your strength and wisdom in the face of crisis. My daughter is born with neonatal lupus and I couldn't get over that for the longest time but after reading your blog, it has given me a clearer perspective towards life.

i have read that going raw (on raw fruits, nuts and vegetables, juicing and fasting help with cancer. u can visit:

or there's a good book to read: CANCER cured naturally by betty L khoo-kingsley. U can get it at TIMES.


wei. said...

hi there shin! i am back agian. hahahaha... hang in there. u can do it.... i hope u dont me talking about this topic? before i found ur blog i dint treasure my time properly. i just dragged day by day,taking each day for granted. i dint think anything more whats going to happen....
i never thought what will be in store for me. thanks for your courage, it really inspired me.
i mean, i am only 17, and there are like so many more things for me to life on instead of thinking of death and dying when i meet something really tough.
my life had never been really been normal since school started. i was never the popular one. nevermind that, but i had a bit of learning diabilities as well.
it was tough then and even now i am in poly.
thanks, for giving me to find my purpose in life again.
i am also amazed by your courage.... =)
and ur kids ar cute.=)))

Shin said...


Thanks for your compliments and words of encouragement. I have a few for you.

I was never popular in school either (I had a look at your Web site). I also didn't care much, because I didn't think much of the kids who WERE popular. I knew that was just a temporary stage of my life and that I would go on to do far more interesting and useful things than these other kids.

You're only seventeen. Wow. Think of the life you have ahead of you. I'm jealous. You might not be happy with what you have now, but you have the ability to change that. And you have many years ahead to keep trying if you make mistakes or fail the first, second, or third time around.

Give yourself a chance to set and meet your own expectations. When I was seventeen, I was much, much worse off than you. And yes, I thought about death and dying a lot back then as well, even without cancer. I'm very surprised at what I've become. I think you might surprise yourself as well.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shin

If you could be who you want to be for 10 minutes of your life without cancer, and without kids or husband, what would you be? Just pure Shin. Not thinking about husband, not thinking about kids, (I know, it's hard, right!!) Just PURE SHIN. What would you think about, what is your core??


Anonymous said...

There will be a cure. Shin, you will benefit from the best cancer drugs and survive......... you are a survivor and you will be there to see the fantastic drugs at their best. You thought you wouldn't be here 2 years ago, and here you are...... your tumours will melt away and you'll still be here, don't think that you won't.

Your tumours WILL MELT away, they will, don't worry.

Shin said...


Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. After reading your comment, I did a bit of research on neonatal lupus and it seems many children are able to live with it. I hope your daughter is one of those?

I've tried the raw food diet and juicing. In fact, I was on a very strict diet (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol) for more than two years. I've now gone off that diet because I've been losing too much weight. I still believe that diet is the best for long-term health.

I have Betty Khoo-Kingsley's book, along with twenty other books about cancer and nutrition. Thanks for the recommendation.

I truly believe one of the few things we can do to lower our risks for cancer is our diet. That's why it's so important to me to instill healthy eating habits in my kids - it's the only way I can protect them after I'm gone.

Leighbee said...

The problem with "diet" is that we need to be so careful to ensure we balance it correctly.....whilst cutting some things out may help us with certain conditions, it can in turn create other major problems and these possibilites must also be considered and suitable supplements taken to support "the system"... For instance, my dear Auntie cut out ALL saturated fats due to high cholesteral readings.....this also included dairy.....she is now under going infusions as her bones are so brittle she could "break" at any moment.....I think it is REALLY important that diet is very thoroughly researched and advice is sought before being implemented?

Shin said...

Anonymous re: 10 minutes,

If I had ten minutes to be just me, without husband, kids, or cancer, I'd be... very boring.

Really, what can anybody be in ten minutes?

If had more time than that, I'd be an itinerant traveler, soaking in the beauty of this planet. Very selfish.

Shin said...


I agree. I think we should think about food and drink as seriously as we do about medications - they're all substances we put into our bodies. But unlike most medications, food and drink are life-long and can sometimes do more damage on a long-term basis.

Leighbee said...

I disagree in your case Shin....I think YOU can be so much in ten minutes! Blogger and inspiration to many.....WOW - imagine how much you could get typed up in ten minutes?!?! Let those fingers do the walking/talking!!!! Ha ha - I jest! Ten minutes is not enough and anyway WHO would want their last tem minutes to be WITHOUT their nearest and dearest anyway...........?!

Anonymous said...

How much I would love my kids to eat their greens! It is an ongoing struggle. I have already resorted to a chocolate flavoured superfood supplement that I mix into their milk, at least they receive some of the key nutritients through this. If anyone has found of way of taking the yuk out of eating veggies for their kids, I'd be really interested to hear your strategy.

Shin said...


We've tried all sorts of tricks to get our kids to eat healthy foods - grind up veggies into miniscule pieces and hide them in foods they like, make fun shapes out of them, give them rewards if they try new veggies, etc.

I find the best strategy is peer pressure. There are many foods I haven't been able to get my kids to eat, but when they're at a friend's house or when friends come to our house, they eat what their friends eat!

Anonymous said...

hi Shin, my girl is fine. she has a little skin problem but otherwise, she's a healthy baby. thank you for doing that mini research. that's very sweet of you. rest well and u r really a great mum!