Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I now have over 300 comments on my blog that I need to go through, so please bear with me if you don't see your comment posted yet. I'm reading and posting them in the order they come in, so the most recent ones will be read last. So if you'd like to read your and other readers' comments, go back to earlier posts from this week and you'll see a backlog of them.

All of your comments are important to me, so I'll take my time to make sure I read each one carefully.

Thanks again for your continuing contribution to this blog.


Kathie said...

Hi Shin,

Read your reply to Alina saying Why you are not a Christian? and Where do you get your strength?

Well, I have been a believer of God, since I was 12 and got baptised after mum passed on 5 yrs later. Yet, I share many of your views on God, beliefs, love, etc...

I read from your blog the many well intended message from Christians who want to 'save' you or recommend God to you. I believe, if I understand you correctly from reading your blog, you have already embraced Him because you have epitomised His cardinal quality of love.

I laughed when I read that you thought the act of miracle was like a show off if God should perform the healing miracle on you. As you said to your kids, all living things will die someday. That's creation. Of course God has plan and He can choose to include or leave us out. So, can we.

Let me share Kohlberg's theory of moral development with you. Typically, our levels of moral devt or maturity differ, God has to handle with ppl of varying maturity with different laws and expectations. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the Israelites were given 600 laws in Deuteronomy to show how imperfect they were and why they needed a Messiah. By the time Jesus came, He only gave us 2 laws - love your neighbours as yourself & love God with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength.

Of course, the debate as to which denominations or religions has the truth will continue even after you and I pass on. I have gathered this conclusion, and it seems to coincide with yours, that is, life is about learning Love and Appreciation. These 2 qualities are enough to help us connect with God and will see us well through life.

Think you are probably at level 6 - 7 of moral devt where God would invite you saying: "Shin, let's us discuss and talk about Godship." Yes, He granted free will and He is not afraid to let us explore. "He that does not love, have not come to know God, for God is love." 1 John 4:8 From the way you live your life, I reckon you know Him quite well.



SheR said...

Dear Shin,

I'm full of respect for you and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

My pa was diagnosed with liver cancer, although he did not drink alcohol at all. He lived for another 8 months after that. He was strong and positive like you then, all the way till his last ten days in the ward when he wasn't too conscious. He left in peace; I saw his very last breath.

Have you watched the Japanese movie, "One Litre of tears"? It's based on a true story, like yours.

I know you will leave happily, peacefully, with many loved ones having you in their hearts. Your kids will be very proud to have had a mom like you. They will not forget about you.


Spy said...

Dear Shin,

You are such a remarkable lady!
Stay strong, stay happy and fight till the end. You have many supporters out there! God will bless you!

Best Wishes,

Seow Li said...

Hi Shin.

I watched the documentary yesterday by chance. It was only then that I discovered a woman of such great mental strength. I was overwhelmed with emotions, watching how you cope with cancer and how you are putting on such an admirable fight against it.

By the way, I am an 18-year-old female student who is so inspired that there is actually someone out there who can live life to the fullest despite having to battle cancer. Your kids are really adorable and you speak with a beautiful accent too! I really hope that you can fulfill your wish of having five more years to live. I am totally touched by how you are coping so well with everything, from the illness to being a homemaker to a dear mother.

I know from yesterday's documentary that your birthday is on the 12th so you are a Scorpio! So am I! And today is my birthday. Therefore, other than wishing for good marks on my A Levels, I really hope I can give five years of my life to you, for I believe that you deserve these five years more than anyone else. A woman of determination, love, courage and strength - it is my honour to leave a comment on your blog.

Love loads and wishing you good health,
Seow Li

Chris said...

Dear Shin,

Your determination, love, faith and enthusiasm for life put many of us to shame.

Your lovely kids will be very proud of such a wonderful mummy.

Thank you for showing us that life is wonderful and we should always be thankful.

May God continue to bless you with strength, faith and happiness.


Siying said...


You are such a considerate person and that is very sweet of you. I used to work at Mount Elizabeth as a customer service officer. I have seen you before and you are very polite to us and also thank us. GOD will bless you and your family members. Signing off, siying!

beneyuen said...

Do not over-work yourself with the blog. Rest more and play with your kids : ) Toby is indeed a great swimmer.

Alice Teo said...

I missed the show last night, but someone passed your link to me today. I felt very ashamed...

I had been having giddiness problems for many years and recently had a CT scan. I'm still waiting for the result. I had prayed that I had something inside because I found no meaning in my life. How stupid I was. Today, I saw your blog, and I felt really ashamed of myself.

Well, I wish you all the best. You are someone very strong, despite your illness. Stand strong to fight. May you conquer everything.

I will drop by your blog everyday to see you. Take good care of yourself. We love you.

Shin said...

Alice Teo,

I can't imagine how low you must have felt to actually WANT there to be something wrong with you, but I hope you no longer do.

I hope your CT scan comes back clear. Please let me know? I'd like to know that you're okay.

Esmond said...

Hi Shin.

I watched the program on Channel 8 last night. Like everyone else, I am truly touched by your story. I am amazed at your persevering spirit and I think it is indeed very, very commendable.

I am not usually very good with my words but I feel compelled to send you a comment. I really think that you are a very strong woman. Your love for your children and family is just so deep. It makes me realise that I can't take anything for granted and I have to treasure the people around me.

I want to encourage you to continue to persevere on! Continue to be the strong woman and the strong pillar of support for your children.

I have been reading your posts and I understand your views regarding the afterlife. I am not trying to preach anything here... it's just that I am a Christian and I just want to say that I will be keeping you, your children and your husband in my prayers. I pray that Jesus will give you comfort in times of struggle, strength when you feel weak and ultimately if it is in his plans... healing. I will pray that Jesus will bless and watch over your children.
I hope that you won't take offense... I just wish to pray for you and your family.

Shin, continue to be strong! All the way!

David said...

Hi Shin.

You are very brave in your fight against cancer. I believe that you will recover fully from your illness. With best wishes, David

Kee said...

Dear Shin,

Saw you in the Chinese documentary yesterday. I'm encouraged and touched by your courage in your battle against your disease and in your love for your kids.

I decided to search the Web and drop you a note to tell you I am truly touched. Although I am a neurosurgeon and have two kids of similar age as yours, I don't believe I can fully understand what you are going through. One thing I know for sure- it has not been an easy journey for you.

Read through your blog briefly-one section that caught my attention was your conversation with your girl about death and heaven. You wrote that you were not sure if you needed the same security blanket as she did.

I'd like to share with you that I find strength in God (I am a Christian with all my imperfections). Do pick up the Bible and read Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes. I believe the words will speak to you and your situation and grant you strength.

Please do drop me an e-mail if there is any medical way that I can assist you. It will be my pleasure.

Best regards,

Li Ting said...


This is my first time visiting your blog. You're really a brave person!

"My happiest moments are now. My unhappiest moments are too few and too unimportant to remember." This is on your site; it made me think!

Hope you'll be happy forever!

Vivien said...

Hi Shin.

I heard about you from a colleague who watched the documentary aired on TV yesterday and I decided to check out your blog.

My colleague shared your story with me because I am also a cancer patient. I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, had a mastectomy to remove my right breast, and underwent hormonal treatment during the last 3 years.

Unfortunately, during one of my treatments cum routine CT scan in April this year, it was found that there were growths in my lungs. The biggest was 2.6 cm. This time, I am not spared from chemotherapy and have just completed six sessions. Total remission is not possible and I have been asked to be prepared for recurrences at any time.

Having read some of your postings, I realize that you are really a strong lady and I hope to be like you when I have to go through my last lap in life.

I am sure your family is very proud of you.

Warm wishes and keep on smiling.


Shin said...


Thanks for sharing your story with me. For the sake of other readers of this blog, I have a question for you.

When you were first diagnosed, what stage was your cancer? Had it spread to the lymph nodes at that time?

I ask because if your cancer HAD spread to the lymph nodes, that means cancer cells had gotten out of your breast area and into the rest of your body. So you should've had chemotherapy then. A mastectomy only removes the tissue that had cancer cells in them. Chemotherapy kills any cancer cells that may have strayed into other parts of your body (or tries to). So if cancer cells got out into your lymphatic system, it does no good to remove your breasts - the cancer cells are out there in other parts of your body and you'll have a recurrence.

I hope other women reading this realize how dangerous it is to simply remove a breast if the cancer has already gotten into the lymph nodes.

cherral said...

Hi Shin.

I feel so touched after watching your show. You have shown what we call "brave, content & loved", and I am so proud of you.

I am sure you will live longer than anyone expects because your determination can overcome the impossible.

Wish you all the best and continue to fight against all odds.

Also, send kisses to your kids because they are so lovable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

Did you ask for a copy of the show from the producer? Would you consider posting the video here?

Shin said...


I've asked the producer for a copy of the documentary about my story and she has agreed to send me a DVD copy of it in a few weeks' time when she returns from her leave.

As for posting the film on this blog or on You Tube, as some have suggested... I'm not sure if that's possible, due to copyright issues and such.

If there's anybody out there who knows how this sort of thing works or knows anybody at MediaCorp, can you find out about this? I'd hate to get in trouble posting something without permission.

Fang said...

Hi Shin.

My father was diagnosed with terminal rectal cancer in early 2005. The cancer had spread to his liver as well. Oncologists predicted that he would not last longer than six months because the cancer mass in his liver was big and it was not advisable to remove it through surgery.

Shortly after the diagnosis, he had part of his rectum removed and then he underwent a few types of chemo drugs. Sadly, none of the chemo improved his condition.

But he survived longer than six months. In fact, he lived through three miraculous years even though he stopped all chemo one and a half years after the surgery.

He lived well, with quality. He was able to drive around and was able to eat and laugh like any of us (though he might have been hiding the pain).

Why? Because he was extremely determined to attend my graduation ceremony in Australia. And he did.

So Shin... live your days believing that you will make it to Josie's 10th or 15th birthday. Believe in yourself and not the cancer! You will make it through.

God bless!


Shin said...


Your father must have been extremely proud of you. And it sounds like you're very proud of him as well.

Congratulations on your graduation, and congratulations to your father on raising a wonderful son. I'm sure he's with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

I saw the show on TV and that led me to your blog. Simply amazed at your strength/courage and how you have been coping with everything. You have my full 100% admiration, well, 200% to be honest. I am a relatively low-profile, quiet person but couldn't resist the urge to just write you a short paragraph. Have been reading some of your past entries (most have made me smile though some brought out tears) but there are simply too many for me to read them all. No worries - what I can do would be to start reading them daily from now on so that I will not miss anythg.

Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

You are beautiful and your kids are gorgeous. Please take care and have a speedy recovery. May God bless you! Happy Birthday : )

kkf said...

You are a wonderful mummy and brave person. No need to reply to my comment. Just want to wish you all the best on your road to recovery.

Elaine said...

Dear Shin,

How are you feeling today? I want to read more about you. You will recover soon.


JaIcEliNg said...

I know you are a strong woman, also a good wife and a good mother. We feel very sorry for you because of your disease. We hope you can face it. You have our best wishes. You will overcome the disease, because you are a good mother.

Be strong,
Be happy,
Don't worry

Can you understand Chinese? This is my blog:

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

Although I don't know you at all, after watching the show on Channel 8, I think you are really brave . You are a cool mum. I could never understand what you are going through. But I believe that when you are strong and brave you can and will overcome any battle you are facing! God will bless you in your life and your family. Be strong Shin. I will pray for you and your family.

Carolyn Sim said...

Dear Shin,

You are an Iron Lady! I admire your strength and I pray that you will fight the best battle with love from your family & friends and supportors like us.

I lost my aunt to bone cancer some years ago; she was very dear to me. Only her physical form was taken away; sweet memories of her live with me forever.

Like you, I have two young kids, and I can connect with your emotional challenge - departure readiness. I was weeping as I watched your show and I always get teary when I start to imagine anything unfortunate...

Be strong. We are connected to you by faith. We are proud of you.

God bless you and your family.

FUallz said...

Hello Shin.

This is a little worrying as now, it seems that you have an additional load of reading and replying to the hundreds of posts each day after the documentary.

I hope you do not overwork yourself in trying to read all the posts. I'm sure all of us understand if our posts are not published.

It's kind of ironic as by the time you read this, you would have already read through hundreds of posts, including this.

Sorry for the long post and take care of yourself.

kx said...


I hope you survive. Although your life won't be easy in the future, you have so many people to support you!

Maybe because of love... it taught you how to love somebody else. That's what I've learned from you. I saw you on TV and sometimes you just couldn't breathe as normally as us. It really broke my heart. Please don't die. Keep living as well as you can. They need your love... I mean Josie and Toby.

I'm kx. I will keep pray for you.

Hy said...

I missed the TV show about you but I saw some shots of it. I personally have a grudge against cancer, hate it even.

I lost two of my grandparents this year to cancer. They fought but it came back. I think you are as strong as they were, as brave as they were.

Do take care and hope you get to read my comment ( :

Shin said...


I'm sorry to hear about your grandparents. Thanks for saying I'm as strong and brave as they were. I'm honored to be compared to your grandparents, whom you obviously respected and loved. You must be very proud of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

I'll try to find out about copyrights on posting the show here. How long is the producer away on leave?

Shin said...


Thanks for offering to do that. The producer is on leave until the end of the month. But I don't think it's the producer's call. Maybe we need to ask MediaCorp's copyright department.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin, my sister works with Mediacorp but not for Channel 8. As for the copyright issue, there might be a problem if you post the original copy. But not if you tape your own montage of its telecast. Tricky. Did you ask the assistant producer for your DVD? There's no need to wait that long just for the producer to return from her leave. If you want it sooner, let me know. My sister can help check it up & send it to you by mail or something.

Shin said...


Thanks. That's a kind offer, but the producer has already said she'd take care of it, so I don't want to pre-empt her by going through other channels. I think we can wait a few weeks. There's no hurry. I'll still be alive in two weeks. ; )

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's not what I meant! It only takes a few minutes to burn you a copy, so no problem. But you are right. The producer can take care of it. Have a great weekend! And I can't wait to hear about your coming birthday celebration!

Shin said...


I know. That's cancer humor for you!

Anonymous said...

I know. Flashing your cancer card again :D