Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Documentary Online

Some of you have asked to see the documentary film about me online. MediaCorp (Singapore broadcaster) says the licensing fee to upload the film onto a URL is S$513 (US$336) for the first year. I think that's too much for me to spend so I'm very sorry, but I won't be putting the documentary on my site. I really appreciate your interest.


Christine Raza said...

I was able to subscribe for one month for 10 Singapore dollars. It is quite difficult to figure out because you have to install several plug-ins, but once I can simplify it, I will post it for everyone to see.

zorop said...

I believe any one of us could go solo at this price, at least for a year or even to share it out, but that's not the point. What are the legally binding issues like copyrights? Once it's placed on this site for example, anyone can make or download a copy to flood the Internet. So would that be considered infringement? And who would have the rights to the copy on this site? or Shin or donor? If it sounds too complex then it's not advisable to do it here. Shin should spend her time just doing what she likes and not solving some infringement problems. Unless someone knows how these things are done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

I totally agree that it is ok. This is type thing will get very complicated if not handled with GREAT care and sometimes is out of your control too.

Zorop is right that "Shin should spend her time..." and I think we shouldn't keep asking her about putting the film online, even though I understand that those who ask are just concerned and wanting to watch. Maybe they can write to MediaCorp for a repeat telecast? Better that way?

Shin, thanks for spending your time and effort to make enquiries on that and hope you will be released from this topic and focus on what you want to do for yourself and family and friends. : )

Will visit your blog everyday if I can, even if you only update a few days per week. : )

Take care and hope everything is fine for you and your family. : )

Catherine said...

For those who don't mind paying S$10 for a 1 month subscription on MOBTV, a subscription-based video-on-demand service, you can go to Make sure you test your system before subscribing (instructions can be found on the website).

To locate Shin's documentary:
Go to Channel 8, choose the program "Tuesday Report: In The Face Of Death". Episode 2.

Kathie said...

Dear Shin,

I have been extremely busy lately, hence didn't write to you. But, nonetheless, continue to read your blog whenever I find time.

Glad you featured some old photos, will make your blog more complete. Josie is the typical 'ulgy duckling' turned into a little beauty. Just like my niece, she is gorgeous.

No, I have not forgotten to come back and discuss the topic of Psychology with you. Not to change your mind about Psychology, given your maturity and knowledge, it is not difficult to let you see the value modern psychology has contributed to the field of Medicine.

More importantly, since this blog is created for Josie and Toby, and that given their mum have some strong views on this subject, I am even more careful to make sure that I present the topic in a balance and well informed way. Realised that impromptu comments made are sometimes not meaningful. So, given me some time.

I share your skepticism about psychology too. Probably what you are concerned with is related to those unregulated practices of spiritual healers who called themselves therapists. Will expound on this topic.

I would like to offer to pay for the licensing fee for the documentary film on you. But that is unless it will not tired you out in anyway having to maintain or manage whatever copyrights issue. The purpose is to encourage many more cancer patients and their families. Would be nice to link it to Singapore Cancer Society. By the way, I have the pink ribbon brooch clipped on one of my bags all the time. :)

Can I check with you if your email address is Would like to send you my research paper on The effect of Parental discipline on Internalising and Externalising behaviors - conducted on 486 boys and girls. Thought you be interested.

Take good care ya,


Shin said...


That's a very kind offer to pay the licensing fee on behalf of all the other readers who are interested in seeing the film. I think you can arrange that by contacting MediaCorp through their Web site. I assume you live in Singapore?

Yes, my e-mail address is I'm interested in reading your paper.


Kathie said...

Hi Shin,

Yes, I live in Singapore. Will contact MediaCorp then.

However as I'll travelling from next Thur. May take a while to arrange.

Will communicate with you on this once I settle with MediaCorp.


lw said...


I will share the cost with you. You can email me through Shin at: with the details.

Love & hope,


Shin said...

lw/Lisa and Kathie,

On behalf of all the other readers of this blog who have asked to see the film online, thank you both very much for your generosity.

Lisa, I'll get in touch with you as soon as I hear from Kathie.

lisacc said...

If you can accept me transferring money via PayPal, I'll go in with you guys too. Shin has my email address.

Incidentally legal or not, someone should rip a back up copy to keep for Shin's family. Because I don't trust any TV station not to eventually lose something (unless you already were given a copy for personal viewing Shin). Many places I have worked are hopeless at archiving, and formats change and tapes decay, etc. When Shin's children have children of their own, and want to show them their granny, chances are the TV station may not even exist any more.

Shin said...

Lisacc, lw/Lisa, and Kathie,

Thanks so much! Now we have THREE blog readers offering to share the cost so the licensing fee of S$513 (US$336) can now be split three ways.

I'll leave it to Kathie to arrange it all with MediaCorp, as she originally offered.


Kathie said...

Hi Shin.

I wrote to MediaCorp but no reply as yet. Unfortunately, because I am very busy and am flying off on Thursday, I haven't had time to follow up.

Tomorrow I shall give them a call and update. Do let Lisacc & lw/Lisa know. If anyone else can take over to liase with MediaCorp, I'd be glad.


Shin said...

Kathie, Lisacc, lw/Lisa, and others interested in seeing my documentary online:

The broadcaster, MediaCorp, has decided to waive the licensing fee and has given permission to upload the documentary onto my site.

MediaCorp has also given permission to upload another program, "Get Real", in which I was one of three subjects featured.

I'm not sure how to upload these two videos onto my site, but as soon as I work it out, I will do so and let you know.

Thanks for your interest and thanks especially to the folks at MediaCorp!

lisacc said...

I recommend using a third party video hosting site (such as YouTube, though it's not the best quality) as it is very bandwidth demanding hosting video. Server space bundled with most ISP accounts or the more basic packages that web hosting companies offer generally isn't sufficient for video.

Let me know if you need any help with format conversion.

Shin said...


Thanks for that advice. I'll try to do that. I don't have a You Tube account and I've never uploaded video on it before, but it's not too late for this old dog to learn new tricks.