Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little List of Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. I could get sentimental and say it's my favorite holiday because it's a time when families come together and give thanks for all the wonderful things in their lives. But I'd be lying. It's the food I love. Roast turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. If I were on death row, this would be my request for my last meal. We (Americans) have this menu for Christmas dinner as well, but I don't like all the materialism and focus on gifts that come with Christmas so I prefer Thanksgiving. Baaah! Humbug!

Usually at the Thanksgiving meal, we go around the table and each person names one thing he's thankful for. The usual list includes family, friends, good health, financial security, and so on. Big things.

This year, I decided to focus on small things. I'd spend one day making a list of things I'm thankful for throughout the day. I got this idea from a magazine, and in that article, people had things like Starbucks and hot showers on their lists. Today, I'll take a little pad of paper and a pen around with me all day and whenever I notice something I'm thankful for, I'll jot it down.

Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day proper, I'll post my list on this blog. I'd love it if you did the same so we could compare lists. If nothing else, this little exercise might help us remember all the little things we have to be thankful for.

Until tomorrow...


Margaret said...

Here's a short list of the things I'm grateful for on this Tuesday before Thanksgiving:

Sugar cookies with icing
A clutch that works again
A good bra
That my twinged back is better
Cheap, good rioja

I'll raise a glass and a turkey leg in your honor, Shin!


Imel said...

Here's mine...

Waking up to my one-yr old walking into the room and lying on me
Waking up to see my 4 yr old's angelic face still sleeping
Waking up to my husband's sweet calling "Time to wake up"
Waking up to dress for work that I look fwd to
Waking up to a routine because all's good :)

Anonymous said...

I thank you for sharing your blog, your life and your experience.

love Adrian

charsiewrice said...

I don't celebrate Thanks Giving Day... but I do have a list... just naming a few:

- I have enough money for lunch today.
- Wrinkles not that obvious yet.
- My mozzie bites are healing.
- I have only a few friends, but they are great.
- I have a close to perfect family.

Also, I am thankful to know about you.

Have a great day!

Francesca Giessmann said...

hahah! i was once at this semi business event for thanksgiving and everyone was going around saying what they were thankful for ... and as you expect everyone was naming big things... of course I was/am very grateful for the big things ( ie family etc) but when it got to my turn( mind you that I was the only foreigner/non American around so everyone was trying to make sure I "got" it! Duh of course I got it) but then I said: - I am grateful for control top pantyhose and a good bra!)... some puzzled face then a laugh followed. MANY years later I ran into this man that came to me and said: - You were the girl that was grateful for her bra! I guess I made an impression ( or my big boobs???) not sure ...
Hey Shin.. HAve a great one... STUFF your face with all the yummy things and enjoy being grateful for small and big!
take care and happy turkey day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

Just want to share with you. Today is my birthday but I am not so happy as my eldest brother just passed away last week.

In my heart, he is still around as I still cannot accept he is gone. Wanted to visit him when he was around, sigh. All the excuses of "no time", I really regretted for not visiting him. Always thought he would be fine. But now, he is gone.

Eskimo Roco said...

Need some clarification. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks. Where will all this thankfulness be directed to?

To a God?
To whom?

Eskimo Roco

Shin said...

Eskimo Roco,

Good question.

To God. Allah. Buddha. The woman who gave you birth. The lady who did your manicure. The guy who gave you a smile with your coffee.

Or just to the force of good out there in the world that keeps us all going, no matter what name we put to it.

babypink said...


Jia You! : ) Your blog touches me very much.

As for myself, I am grateful for my loved ones (family & pals) and that we are all alive, well, have food to eat and clothes to wear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

I wish you good health on Thanksgiving day, and may I also wish that I will be able to wish you a happy Thanksgiving next year as well.

Not forgetting my dearest sister who is doing her chemo now... I would be grateful if she suffered less pain.

Mel said...

liquer chocolates, parma ham, my dog, summer rain, horses, jacaranda trees, green grass, swimming, walking, riding, Peter, Emma, Zoe, my comfy bed, carpets, rugs, a clean house, my parents, my home, my bedroom curtains, flowers, parrots, my cats, blue skies, my extended family, my friends, Shin, Rachel, prawn korma, red wine, champagne, soft brie, noisy crickets and frogs at night, flowers, sand, cup of tea, the sea on a sunny day.

Love you Shin.

Mel xxx

Yvonne said...


I have many things to give thanks for:

- My dear husband who has been patiently caring for me.
- My three young children growing healthy, caring for one another.
- My elderly parents and mum-in-law.
- My siblings who have come closer especially after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2006.
- My many wonderful cancer friends who have been on this journey with me.
- All my wonderful friends.
- My God that has always given me strength.

Daniel said...

Happy Thanksgiving Shin.


Jamie said...

One thing stands out above all others (but the rest are great too). I am thankful for:

-My kids are healthy, have a loving family, a warm home, and good food (arguably) to eat
-A wife who loves me
-The two cutest kids in the world (I know these are fighting words for other parents but I stand by my statement)
-Good jobs for me and my wife
-Abby cuddles and Zozo hugs
-Every day this blog is updated
-Zozo’s jokes: “What do you call a cat after a tomato?” – “A tomatocat!” (and then she falls to the floor laughing)
-Abby’s clearest word: “Up” (and she sticks her arms up to be picked up and cuddled)
-A wonderful Nanny
-Triscuits and Hummus
-A hat to keep my ears warm on a cold day
-People who are still courteous while using public transportation
-Hot sauce on a breakfast sandwich
-Diapers (vs the alternative)
-Google and Wiki

Love - Jamie

Matz said...

I’m thankful for my cat, Jinx, which I rescued when he was barely the size of my palm, half-dead from under a tree with angry red ants crawling all over his tiny body.

Today, he's grown into this big, majestic cat who's just so full of character. During the time I was away studying in Perth, Jinx was my Mum's constant companion. Mum felt some tinge of the empty nest syndrome. Without Jinx around, she'd have felt it more.

Today, I realize I've got so much to be thankful for… to be cliche, my family, my Beloved, my gal pals, Jinx, and the other cat of the house, Xiao Hei.

Along with that, I'm also thankful for a bigger appreciation of life, of catching the soft chirps of the birds in the morning, of the smell of coffee, of having memories and my mind intact, the ability to see colours, the smell and sound of a good storm, and having a heart so I can feel and be thankful for my blessed life... and the rainbows that just appear at the most uncanny moments.

Leighbee said...

I'm thankful for everything! It's true. I sat and thought and thought. EVERYTHING makes my life good.

My darling Heather was admitted to hospital last night (I am just home to wash up before returning). I wish she wasn't so poorly BUT I was thankful to be able to stay with her last night, stroke her hair, watch the fall and rise of her chest, listen to the little snorting sounds she makes, watch over her whilst shrouding her in my love.

So... though obviously, I want her better QUICKLY, I feel almost lucky to have Mummy-and-Heather time when we are both at our weakest.

Natalia said...

Dear Shin,

Thanks for this great idea. I borrowed it and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with 8 friends who never celebrated the holiday before. I emailed them their 'assignment' and we had so many wonderful and funny moments discussing our lists.

Here's mine:
A bed big enough for the five of us to cuddle in the morning before breakfast.
Dark chocolate covered almonds and a hot latte.
quick access to information
a safe place to live
A husband who always gets up to settle our youngest child at night to let me sleep.
An interesting, part-time job that lets me spend time with my kids.
A car that can fit us all without squishing.
Fresh flowers.

Lots of good vibes to you,
Natalia (Kateryna's mom)