Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Film, Tests, Wheels

Many of you watched the short documentary film that Channel 8 aired last night. Thanks for taking an interest in me and my story. I thought Valerie, the producer, and her crew treated our family's story with great sensitivity and I'm grateful for their professionalism and hard work. Just half an hour after the show ended, I opened up my laptop to find more than 100 new messages in my Inbox - all having to do with the documentary. Most of these are very kind comments from you about the film and about my blog. Thanks for that. I'll slowly but surely get to your comments. I may not post or respond to each one due to my health, but I will certainly read all of them.

I had more tests yesterday - a chest X-ray to look at the lungs and a liver ultrasound to look at the liver. Not much change from before, so we're continuing on this course of Avastin + Ixempra. If and when my condition starts getting worse, we'll try another drug, possibly Abraxane + a HER2 targetted therapy such as Tykerb, which I've been on before. We've increased my dosage of Dexamethasone (steroid) to see if it will help with my breathing problem. If I continue to have trouble breathing, we'll move on to morphine. If that doesn't do the trick, I'll have the fluid drained from my lungs.

I did indeed get a wheelchair, but alas, not the tank version I showed in the photo in my earlier post. The world is a different place when viewed from a wheelchair. I can't really control where I go; I just get pushed around. Now I know how babies in strollers feel. That's another thing. Every time I see a kid in a stroller now, I want to challenge him to a race. When I see somebody else in a wheelchair, I want to try to go faster. Hey, I've gotta get my kicks somehow. Today, Tony wheeled me to the entrance of a public bathroom (toilet), and then I got up and walked unassisted into the bathroom. That must've looked a bit funny to onlookers. I thought of going to one of those Christian healing sessions so I could let the preacher put his hands on my head and then I'd jump up out of my wheelchair and yell, "Hallelujah! I'm healed! Just kidding!" I wonder if the preacher would find that very funny.


Leighbee said...

Makes you feel a fraud doesn't it?!

I remember feeling similar when I was in the UK and unable to walk any distance...

Graham often pushed me around a Shopping Centre or High Street, sometimes a gap was just too small or I needed to be at a "higher lever" so would get up out of my seat and walk the few steps required. I am sure this is probably quite common?!

Anonymous said...

im from Malaysia~
yesterday i watch TV (CHANNEL 8)~
i think u r very strong~
actually my english not so professional~
hope u can understand~
i will always come to ur blog~
my name is JaIcEliNg~

Alka said...

Hi Shin.

It was a beautifully produced story about you last night. Like I always say, you are an amazing human being. You don't know how (even though we hardly meet), you touch our lives in so many different ways. The wheel chair in the photo was very futuristic and militaristic (if it's a correct word). Do post a picture of the one you've acquired. luv always, alka

Gloria said...

Hi Shin.

I caught the documentary on TV yesterday and got to see the writer behind the blog. You look beautiful and so does your family. I hope your condition will continue to remain stable. Take care : )

GunnerXIII said...

Hi Shin!

My wife and I watched the documentary last night. We really admire your spirit! Be encouraged! Stay strong! We have two boys and we think that your children are gorgeous! God bless you and your family!

Jason Goh said...

Hi Shin.

Watched the documentary yesterday. Your story inspired and motivated me to the fullest! Thank you so much. Really wish to pay this super woman a visit. Is it convenient for me to pay you a visit?

Best Regards,
Jason Goh

Shin said...

Jason Goh,

That's really very kind of you, but I have limited energy these days. I spend most of my days in bed, hooked up to the oxygen machine. Any energy I DO have, I like to use to play with my kids.

But if and when I'm cured (always holding out for a miracle!), I'll throw a huge party and you and all the other readers of this blog will be invited!

Nicholas said...

Hello Shin!

It was a wonderful and touching show! You are the 3rd cancer survivor I have known and respected. Thank you for the message you spread to the public. Gambateh!

Connie3168 said...

Hi Shin!
1st i like to say sorry to you due my english not so good ya! So How are you today? Hope you are fine getting better.!

My name is Connie,im from Batu Pahat Johor.i watched you programme last nite im so touch!and to be honest im so admire your courage and attidue to face your sick. Actually im a psoriasis patient from my head to toe all in redness plague and thick skin as well and i 've been despite by all outsider include my family as well.But i never give up and try be positve coz even im sad to my sick or people despite me it does not cure me and life still going you agree?

After watching your programme i will make myself more tough to go on my own life,and i bellieve god will bless and heal you as well.i will pray for you everyday!PLEASE dont be sad ok my dear!and you have to takecare yourself taking more rest Ya! So sorry to impose you with this massage but i hope this will make you cheer!

Royston said...

You are so strong... have a great day ahead.

Fleur said...

Hi Shin.

Saw you on TV last night and decided to drop in and say Hi. I am also a breast cancer patient (since 2001), and had my first relapse in 2006. Ever since then it's been a yearly affair : ). I want you to know that it's always great to see a fellow survivor fighting hard to live! Stay strong, and yes, though cancer is trying to conquer our bodies, we should not let it eat our soul and spirit too!
Love, Fleur

Seeling said...

Shin, you are such a brave woman. I admire your courage. May you & your family be blessed always.

Alice Lau said...

Hi Shin.

I was very touched after watching the programme last night. My mum died of cancer too. Initially, I could not accept the fact of her condition but I eventually did. One thing I am very proud about is that I kissed her forehead during her last days. I had never done this in my life, not to her or my dad, who passed away of a heart attack 16 years ago. I had never hugged or kissed her before and I was very proud of myself that I kissed and hugged her. The feeling was so good and I could see that she was a bit surprised. I think she felt good too.

Anyway, I feel very happy for you that you are so strong and leaving good memories for your family.

Shin, take care and stay happy always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing so selflessly.

The Breast Cancer Foundation here (and elsewhere) may want to get copies made of the programme - other patients and survivors will draw strength from your experience.

Take care Shin :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

I also watched last night's show and wept a little as I was moved by your optimism and very strong will. I was especially moved by what you told your husband to give your children in the years to come so that they can remember you, a great mummy.

I really admire you! Being able to console your loved ones instead of them consoling you is not easy.

Maybe you can live longer than 5 years given that more cures are coming on the way. I know that you won't give up but I'd still like to say "JIA YOU!" (which means gambatek in Chinese).

I am a very emotional person, which makes me feel very depressed at times. It is helpful when you tell us HOW to deal with our problems, not just say the usual things like "don't be angry, don't be sad, no use being depressed", etc. But you tell us HOW to do it. THANKS!

That will be a good present to your children too.

Patricia said...

Hi Shin.

I would like to extend my support to you, your lovely kids and dearest hubby. You have my utmost admiration. I see you as a role model & tell myself to appreciate things I have & be strong in times of need. Please rest well and don't bother to reply to me. I just wanted to tell you how great you are.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shin.

You have two wonderful kids; they are like angels! When I was watching the documentary last night, in my heart I kept praying for you... Oh Lord, please please save her, heal her, let her be with her two beautiful kids at least until they're both married. I wondered how you could still have that type of smile on your face? You're the most beautiful terminal stage cancer patient I have ever seen! God will heal you Shin, have faith in HIM. Amen!

Zorop said...

You are a really funny woman. I bet everyone who knows you is always laughing whenever they are with you. I want to be the first to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and more to come.


Rachel said...

Hi Shin.

My name is Rachel. I asked my uncle who has stage 4 terminal intestine cancer to watch the film about you last night. I really admire your courage and attitude towards your illness, and I hope my uncle can learn something from you. I'll keep you in my prayer. God loves you and will bless you and your family. Take care.

Diligo said...

Hey Shin,

I watched the documentary yesterday. Your positive willpower and courage really moved me to tears and it does make me realize the importance of living every moment as if it were the last.

And truly it does make me wonder if I have been complaining too much about life and that life is honestly not that bad to me.

Keep fighting... and stay strong.

Elaine said...

Dear Shin,

You are the bravest mother. Please continue writing your blog. I want to read it daily. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

I got to know your story through the documentary aired on Channel 8. Your story hit me hard as my granny may leave us anytime now. I really ache seeing her in this state. I really admire the way you face life. You are one brave lady and have somehow given me a new perspective on life and death. Thanks! May God bless you and your family abundantly.

MAM said...

Reading your blog has become part of my routine, but not because you are a dying woman. (Don't mean to be tactless but this is how you decribed yourself in one of your earlier posts).

a) I met you once before and when
I learnt that the disease had
progressed, I had to know how
you were getting on.

b) I like your thought-provoking

c) I appreciate the standard of
your writing.


Jaz said...

Hi Shin.

Your battling spirit is admirable and an inspiration to all! Stay jovial, strong and happy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Shin,

I was watching the documentary last night and was touched by your strong will to live for your family.

May god bless you and your family.

Take care.

Bex said...

Hi Shin.

I learnt about you from TV last night. I admire your spirit, your will to live on and your love for your family. I had a 7-year-old cousin who passed on three years back from cancer and I sincerely feel for you.

Shin said...


Thanks for your comment and especially for sending the link to the story about Ashley Koh. I felt that story was worth posting on my blog for others to read, so it will be up on my site shortly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

Saw the documentary last night and was feeling upset afterwards. I tried putting myself in your shoes. Would I be as positive thinking as you? I really admire your courage in facing the situation you are in right now. I can understand that you are going through a very painful period (all those treatments) and yet you are still so strong. I hope god will be on your side, to fulfill your wishes. All the best to you.

Yvette said...

Dear Shin,

I watched the programme about your story on Channel 8 last night, and it really touched me so much! Thank you for sharing and living so bravely to show us a positive spirit in tough times.

And your words inspire me to live with a grateful mind and spend more time with family.

Shin, take good care! Be happy and bubbly everyday. You are truly beautiful. : )

P.S. If you wanna eat Taiwanese food I can ask my sis to cook for you (haha, random, cuz I'm a Taiwanese in SG)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

Good to see you on TV. Now I can link you with your blog writings. I feel that cancer hasn't defeated you. It may crush your body, but it didn't take away your strong will to carry on. I pray that whatever faith you have, in the quiet of your heart, it will give you peace and strength.

Anonymous said...

You are a very brave person and I respect you for that. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Victor said...

Hi Shin.

I caught the wonderful documentary about you last night by chance while I was working on my PC at home. What struck me most was your very positive outlook on life despite the trying circumstances. In fact, most of the time, you were smiling broadly away. I wish more of us could be as happy as you are.

Yvette said...


Natalie said...

Hi Shin.

My dad, too, underwent a lot of these kinds of scans and stuff. We all knew he suffered a lot, and now that he is gone, we hope his life up there is better. I enjoyed your film a lot!

God bless you and your family,

Ethan Ong said...

Dear Shin,

Ever since I caught a trailer of the Channel 8 programme a couple of weeks ago, I'd been eagerly waiting & finally watched it last night.

I believe your courage brings a lot of warmth to many people, and for me, also brings back memories of my late wife Tania who battled ovarian cancer from 2003 until 16 Sep 2005, when she was called Home to be with the Lord.

Your determination to continue to live strikes me because when my late wife & I were battling the tumour, we also tried to live as happily as possible amidst her physical pain & our emotional heartache.

In fact, the doctors & nursing staff at NCC labeled us the most cheerful couple. We even enjoyed the chemo sessions as we treated them as picnics where my mom would prep lots of food that we would bring along to enjoy during the chemo.

Like you, I think I only cried a few times (when she was pushed into the operating theatre for the 1st time, when I shared with my buddy during her last days, when hymns were sung during her evening memorial services, and after the cremation).

Tania was even more courageous than me, as she never cried throughout the experience. In addition, she even made sure that she had everything sorted out before she pass on (including what she wanted to wear when she lay in the coffin).

The following is a post in our Opel forum for your info.


My sincerest Thank You for sharing your life story with viewers & God bless you.

Best Regards,
Ethan Ong

Shin said...

Ethan Ong,

Your wife sounds like a remarkable woman. But I don't think we should underestimate your role in her courage. I'm sure she was able to be strong because she had you, just as I can be, because I have Tony.

Her suffering is over but yours may never be. Your strength will have to be another, more enduring kind.

I'll show Tony your tribute to Tania. He will need to be strong, as you have been, after I'm gone.

I've given him some challenging moments while alive; I reckon I'll do the same after I'm gone. But at least I'll no longer be nagging him about leaving his dirty clothes around.

charsiewrice said...

I stayed up to watch your story last night. Told hubby I would not be as brave as you.

Please take care.

Lisacc said...

My mother had to have a wheelchair for her first chemo session. She was just too weak to walk and there were so many very long, draughty corridors.

It really is better to preserve your strength when your body has so much else to be getting on with.

Think of the wheelchair like a footballer's sex ban before a big match ; )

Bruce said...

Hi Shin.

I saw your documentary last night. What a courageous woman you are! Your positive attitude and courage in the face of what you are dealing with is truly inspirational and has left a permanent impression on me.

I have lost two close family members to cancer over the years, and it's tough. What you are doing to make it easier for your family and friends to cope with your situation, really is inspirational for others.

Thank you for sharing your (and your family's) life with us all. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Chin Loon said...


You were inspiring on TV. You are a great gift to the people who have come to learn about your life.

Not only will your family and loved ones remember the good values that you lived by, I am sure people who learn about your life from TV will also remember you.

Physical pain is inevitable, but mental pain can be avoided with positive thinking.

You have proven to us that it is possible!

FL said...

Dear Shin,

It was such an inspiration watching you speak on screen; I thank you for sharing a part of your life with all of us.

Indeed what was written in your programme is true:

"What lasts forever is love..."

Your love for your family is inspirational and your family's and friends' love for you is remarkable.

Take care and chin up, ok? And by the way, you have a beautiful smile.

It's true. I've seen it.


Jessica N said...

Hi Shin.

I watched the documentary last night and was deeply moved by your courage and most of all, a mother's love. I'm a mother to 2 young kids and as much as I love them, your story has taught me that I can always love them more. There are many things in life which discourage us or lead us to despair. The most important thing is to have the right perspective and the determination to live life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you all the best and my love to you and your family. Take care, Shin!
Jessica N

Anonymous said...

Your positive outlook towards life has been very encouraging. We should not take life for granted & we cherish what we have now =) Don't give up! Cheers!

Zhing said...

Hi Shin.

I happened to catch the documentary yesterday and you reminded me of my mother's 5-year battle with metastatic breast cancer. She was so like you in terms of optimism, even up until the very end. The documentary had me walking down a painful memory lane but nevertheless, you serve as a good role model for everyone. Thank you. And I truly hope for your condition to improve. Keep on fighting!

Alicia said...

Hi! I'm just a random 18-year-old teenaged girl who happened to watch your show on Channel 8 yesterday : )

I'm no good with words but I feel that you're a really strong person.
Your show made me think quite a bit... like how we should all cherish the present moment and make the most out of it, instead of worrying about trivial matters.

And your features are really nice! Very pretty : ) And so are your two kids. God bless you. Smiles always!!

Paccha said...

Hi Shin.

You are a very brave lady. My mother battled advanced breast cancer for two years and she lost the battle on 8th August 2008. She was 59. The two years of her illness was very hard, but it really pulled my family closer. Towards her last month, my mum grew bitter and miserable. She was throwing tantrums and questioning why she had to suffer. We had no answers for her. We could only comfort her, stay by her side, and pray. We kept talking to her but she wouldn't speak. She didn't really tell us her unfulfilled wishes but she did tell us that she couldn't bear to leave us. She was crying everyday. It is very sad that she had to leave the world in such a way and it left me filled with regrets.

Being sick is never easy, but being positive and strong is very important. I wish my mum had your strength and positive outlook.

I sincerely wish you all the best and I will pray for you. A lot of people are rooting for you, so keep those spirits high!

Ordinary Girl said...

Hi Shin.

I'm just another viewer of your show on Channel 8. I read your blog before, sometime in August, when I found out my dad had stage 4 lung cancer. I'm writing to tell you that you look beautiful. Don't think that I say this just because you are sick. I can see the fighting spirit in you and I really salute you. I hope you can live as long as possible for it's a waste to lose such a great person like you. I like you.

P.S. You have beautiful children. And to your husband, stay strong. I will visit your blog again. Lots of hugs for you.

Anonymous said...


Read about your life too from Channel 8 yesterday.

The thing I admire most about you is the love you give to your children. I guess it's the love for your family that gives you a positive outlook on life.

My husband had a sister who passed away due to leukemia when she was around 13 years old. She was a top scholar. Even at such a young age, she had her dreams, but she did not make it.

We still talk about her sometimes. I think my husband misses her but he has accepted the fact that the nature of life is that it's not lasting.

Each day is a new and precious day and we must learn to live life to the fullest every single day without any regrets or hatred.

I found a Website which might be useful for your children.

Hope you will take some time to read it.

May you and your family be well and happy always.

P.S. Sorry for the long post & have a good rest.

Anonymous said...

I admire your bravery, and I will constantly remind myself to be as brave as you. Live life to the fullest. By the way, you have a great sense of humor too! : )

Cancer fighting lady said...


I saw the short documentary film that Channel 8 aired last night. I'm happy to know that you are still strong and fighting against your cancer. I'm a cancer patient too. I got nose cancer when I was 17 years old and today I'm still in hospital. There was a recurrence of my cancer which spread to my thyroid and I had an operation three years back. Since then, I have been on chemo. I believe strong will and your faith will make you stronger to fight.

Last but not least, don't count the days you are going to live. Cherish each day with your family and the people around you. Who knows whether tomorrow you will get well? =)

Best regards,

Cancer fighting lady

Lina said...

Hi Shin.

I watched your program on TV last night and my heart goes out to you. You're such a strong woman and so inspirational. I had a cousin who lost her battle to breast cancer years ago. I really admire your courage, and how you spend your last moments with your family and friends. GOD Bless you!

Pei Yun said...

Hi Shin.

I'm so glad I caught you on TV. You're truly inspirational and I really admire your strength and positive outlook on life. Take care and stay well!

Justin Koh said...

Thank you for sharing your story.
I believe every one of us who watched the program got something from your sharing.
You are a role model for all of us out here and most importantly, the memories that you leave for your children will nurture them into great personalities. Although you looked slightly weak physically, the strength and determination I saw in your eyes were really powerful.
Keep the spirits high and take good care. All the best to you and your loved ones.

Best Regards,
Justin Koh

Michie said...

Last night was the first time I got to know of you, from the TV documentary. While watching with my hubby, I cried and kept telling him you are so strong in facing the cancer. You have really inspired me to be strong in whatever I do and not be too negative in my life. Even though I have my ups and downs, mine are nothing compared to yours! I will try to be strong in every aspect of my life and not let my family members worry either. I shall move on and not live in the past.

I know it's your birthday next week, so I wish you a fulfilling birthday and hope there are more to come.

You have a very nice family and I'm glad you have nice friends around. And your kids look so cute!

Do take care and all the best! HUGS!

Gen said...

What can I say? You are amazing and you have two very beautiful children. You will always be looked up to. Keep it going! - gen

Tracker said...

You are a real inspiration and I admire your positivity.

All the best to your health.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am a 13-year-old girl from Singapore. I saw your documentary with my family, and my mum and I cried. You are such a strong woman! I will take your story as a lesson for me to keep going! Jiayous and keep going! : )

shiningpooh said...

Hi Shin.

I will pray that you will be healed and the pain you are suffering will be minimal. I watched the documentary last night. It was really touching and it enlightened me to cherish every single thing in my life: family, friends, everything...

By the way, your son is really cute and your daughter is beautiful. I am sure they know they have a wonderful mother. The part which made me teary was when your son refused to use a fork to eat and he cried while you scolded him. It reflects the love you have for your son, that you want him to know what is the right thing to do. And when he cried he went to you and hugged you. That scene really touched me so much. How great a mother's love can be!

I am sure last night's documentary not only enlightened those who are suffering from cancer or any other sickness, but young people like me to really cherish every single thing and not take anything for granted.

Wishing you good health and may god bless you and your family : )

Edmund said...

Hi Shin.

I am extremely touched by your blog. Please be strong. Get well.

Best wishes,

Emily said...

Hi Shin.

I watched you on Channel 8 last night. Just want to say that I find you beautiful & very brave. I don't know what else to say, how else to encourage you or make you feel better, but thanks for sharing. I feel ashamed I've idled my life away. I also envy you having great friends & family. Warmest regards, Emily

Lisa said...

Dear Shin.

I'm one of many who watched the Channel 8 documentary last night, and what a sad, wonderful, touching story it was. You're amazingly open and honest about so many things - I guess it should be no surprise that your family and close friends are as well.

Thank you for sharing this difficult journey. So many are benefiting from your candor and questions.

With warmest regards,


P.S. Sorry to hear you didn't get the robo-wheelchair - I loved it!

Chie said...


Just wanted to say, "Have faith, press on and persevere!" And Happy Birthday in advance. : )

Best Regards,

Samantha Athenias Lim said...

Hello Shin.

I watched that Channel 8 program yesterday. It really hit me hard, and I wrote an entry about you in my Livejournal. It's really heart-wrenching to know that this has happened to you, but I'm glad that you're strong and brave enough to face it. Despite suffering inside, you still put on that beautiful smile of yours. My heart goes out to you; I really feel for you. I will pray for you, and God will look after you Shin. You're blessed, before and after life. I'm really glad that you've such great friends, very very adorable & obedient kids, and your husband. You're a beautiful woman, Shin. Continue to fight till the very end, and know that someone you don't even know in real life will be supporting you deep down & that's me.

Single mum said...


I was moved to tears, weeping alone on my bed last night while watching your documentary. It was life-changing for me. Prior to the show, I was annoyed with my girls for days. After they went to bed, I accidentally tuned in to Channel 8 and saw your show. Every word you said captivated my heart. I cried and loved my girls once again. I went to their bedside to hug and kiss them in their sleep after your show.

My late husband had cancer too. He fought a good fight and returned home to the Lord in 2006, leaving behind two girls aged 6 & 8. I continue to struggle with single parenting. I can feel what Tony, Michelle and you are going through. Your inspiration in the show has brought me back to basic values of life. Love, and not achievements. You have inspired me to move on, despite all difficulties.

Indeed, cancer sucks but life is beautiful. You are wonderful to teach us to separate the two.

As I was watching your show, I could not help asking God to keep you, don't let you go. You are so beautiful! Even though there was no mention of God, I could see vividly God's Supernatural Peace and Abundant Life in you according to His promises in Phil 4:7 and John 10:10. I witnessed the same in my late husband's life.

Thank you for inspiring many on TV and with your blog, despite your health! I liked your blog on Improv Problem-Solving too. You will live in my memories forever.

In His love and mine,
Single mum

Jason Tan said...

Shin! You are one of the strongest women that I have ever came across.

Be strong! We will always support you!

Lots of love from my family~

Jason Tan

Anonymous said...

Are you scared of death? My cousin Lisa died of leukemia in January while visiting NUH outpatient clinic for a fever. She was diagnosed in December 2006. She was only 23. On that fateful day, Lisa had told her dad that she would like fish soup for lunch after her doctor appointment. But when he returned from the canteen, a nurse told him that Lisa had been sent to the ER for coughing blood. Lisa never walked out alive. I wonder how she felt facing death & having no chance to say goodbye.

Vanessa said...

I watched the documentary film last night and I will recommend your blog to my friends. You must be strong!

Agnes said...

Hi Shin.

I watched the short documentary flim aired on Channel 8 last night. Thanks for sharing your life journey with us. You really inspired each and every one of us out here.

You're certainly a role model that we can learn from.

Keep going Shin! God will bless you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shin.

My mum and I watched you on TV last night and were very moved by your determination. By the end of the show, tears were in our eyes. I lost my Dad to cancer five months ago. You are very fortunate to have two lovely kids and a caring husband and friends around you. Our heart goes all out to you and your family. Stay strong and let us conquer cancer together!

Char ;D said...


I saw the documentary last night and yes, you've definitely taught me how to cherish life and everyone around me. Even though you have cancer, you're not living in depression everyday because of it. I feel so ashamed when I think about how upset I get over petty little things.

I'm sure you've inspired many people to look at life from a different perspective. We feel your optimism very much too. : )

I hope that your condition will improve. We're all behind you.

Natalia said...

Hi Shin,

Congrats on your new wheels! It's a good step to keep connected with the wide world. I wonder how wheel-chair friendly you will find Singapore though.

Is there any chance the documentary on Channel 8 will be rebroadcast? I would love to see it and sadly, I missed it.

Sending you lots of positive energy!

Shin said...


I'm not sure whether or not the film will be rebroadcast, but maybe you could look on the program schedule on MediaCorp's Web site.

Anonymous said...

I watched that documentary last night! All the way man! I'll always give you my warmest support and do take care! Your magnanimous love will always be remembered by Josie and Toby!

Reverie said...

My aunt had nose cancer years ago but she has since recovered (forever, hopefully.) After watching the show I've learnt how to be more grateful about life. Be strong and God bless you! I'm sure you'll be like my aunt and get better! ; )

Vivien said...

Annyong hassayo! Hello! I'm Vivien and I am really honoured to learn about you. I watched the Channel 8 show yesterday. I am really touched and impressed with your bravery towards your cancer. You are my idol! :D

I don't really know how to express myself in English as I'm just a 12-year-old kid. Sorry... but I just want to tell you that I think you are a really cool woman! :D Rock on! Continue fighting your cancer! I know many people are behind you! : ) Including me! I heard that your birthday is coming up. Is it 12th November? If it is, it's two days before mine! :D Wishing you happy birthday in advance! Before I say bye, I would like to once again tell you that YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SO COOL! God bless you! Lots of love, Vivien.

Shin said...


Ahnyong Haseyo to you, too! I'm impressed that you know Korean!

Thanks so much for your compliments. They mean a lot to me, especially because you are "just a 12-year-old kid". I used to teach teenagers and I know how hard it is to earn their respect, so I'm extremely flattered that you think this middle-aged lady is "cool".

You sound like a great kid. I suspect you'll go on to do great things with your life. You have so much ahead of you. The best of luck to you, Vivien.

Cynthia said...

Haha! I love the last part of your post! That would be a nasty surprise to the poor man/woman. But yet again, you would be increasing his faith. He would end up thinking, "Wow, through me God healed someone!"

Of course, don't be that mischievous. But do try the healing rooms. At least they don't stick needles into you, hook you up to machines or make you eat nasty medicines.

I do have an acquaintance, my age, barely 19. And he is already diagnosed with cancer. He's robbed of his fats, but not his fervor!

I guess that's how optimistic people live. You happen to be one.

Keep Fightin'!

Michelle said...

Hi there.

I've watched the documentary and I'm very encouraged by how you are treasuring time and people around you. Right after the documentary, I felt burdened to pray for you and I did. I have no idea if you are a believer, but I prayed for not just a miracle healing but also for your and your family's salvation. And yup, do seriously consider a healing session if your health permits. Press on!!!

qlu said...

Hello Shin.

I think what makes your blog so attractive is your personality that comes through every entry that you've post. I watched last night's documentary and besides your optimistism, I was very impressed with your smile. It was so genuine & I could really see love in your eyes when you said to your children that you would love them always at the ending of the documentary.

The sparkle in your eyes triggered a certain emotion in me which I can't describe, but it's something good about life. God bless you & your health, take care!

Anonymous said...

I actually got cheered up after reading your blog posts.

You're such a great person. All the best to you.

I really respect your spirit, your strength, how you face this life.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person. It really helps people like me to learn more about life.

Best of luck =)

y.leng said...


I am really touched by your character. =) Be strong, never give up. Resilience. You are a person that can bounce back from obstacles =) Jia you!

Katie said...

Hi Shin.

Just want to let you know that you are a very strong and cheerful person! =) I really admire your bravery and I will look upon you as a role model. I'll keep praying for you. You will be healed, if you believe that you can! =)

Isaiah said...

I missed your documentary, Shin, and I didn't even know you had a blog. I was led to your blog via another blog.

You have beautiful children and such a brave spirit, my friend. I admire that you celebrate life the way you do, though I cannot imagine the physical pain you might be going through. Your life has brought strength to many onlookers.

Do consider going for the healing service. I think it is good. I read that you believe a God exists, but you don’t need an eternal life or a death-bed conversion. When my mama came to know God she was asked by the church worker why she was making that decision. My mom is Chinese speaking so in her simple way she gave her reason: my son needs me to know God and live forever. I never forgot that and I thank God everyday that He gave me a mom like that amidst the nagging. =P

Get well soon! Will be praying for you!

kiwi_03 said...


I don't know if the preacher will find it funny, but I definitely find it amusing.

I also got to know of this blog through a colleague who watched that program. Didn't expect the blogger to be a humorous one. Really admire you for your positive attitude. Keep writing on. Jia you!!

Maelyn said...

Dear Shin,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I was really touched and inspired by your positive attitude.

Watching the documentary brought back memories of when my mum went through treatment for breast cancer 4 years ago - the helplessness when my mum was recovering from her mastectomy and when she reacted to chemo rather badly.

I can never forget the day when she told me, "Sorry you have to do this" when I was helping her with the bedpan after surgery.

I really, really hope that she will not suffer a relapse because I know she will be devastated. She was a little worried when her oncologist detected a mass near her lungs sometime back but she tried to hide her fear as I had just delivered my baby then. Luckily, it was just fatty tissue.

This is the great thing about being a mother - that you must overcome all odds for your family. Thank you once again for sharing your story and letting us into your life. All the best to you and your family. Stay positive!

Roy Leow said...


Just saw the documentary on Channel 8 last night. I think you are a really good role model. You are so brave and have a lot of courage. I respect you a lot. By the way, your use of English is good! Good Luck to You!

Anonymous said...

I actually got cheered up after reading your blog posts.

You're such a great person. All the best to you.

I really respect your spirit, your strength, how you face this life.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person. It really helps people like me to learn more about life.

Best of luck =)