Friday, November 28, 2008

My Documentary - VIDEO

This is the documentary that Singapore broadcaster, MediaCorp, did about me for their series, "In The Face Of Death". It was aired on November 4, 2008. Click on picture to start video. Click again to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this.

Meri said...

Hi Shin.

Thank you so much for sharing your documentary. Really appreciate it.

You are a great and loving person. Hope I can be your friend too.


Buck Rogers said...

I found it here. : )

Buck Rogers

Shin said...


I got permission from the broadcaster, which waived the licensing fee, and then the show's producers formatted the whole thing and made it possible.

Ronnie Ng said...


in fact, even your interview with Cheryl Fox in "GET REAL" is on youtube.

Shin said...

Ronnie Ng,

How did you find that?

Helen said...


You are the most beautiful cancer patient I have ever seen. What wonderful family and friends you have. Take care of yourself. You have to live for those two beautiful children and your husband.

Thank you for sharing your documentary. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since the day I found your blog.

Just finished watching your documentary and I forgot to have my breakfast and my morning medicine. Lots of love from Bangkok.

By the way, your blog is on my favorites list.

Ronnie Ng said...


I just clicked on the video embedded on your blog. Another window opened, which led me to the actual You Tube site. I then clicked on "TeletextSG" (link to the uploader's portfolio of videos).

Natalie said...

Aunty Shin,

You are a remarkable lady. : )

Let's talk about you living, shall we?

Let's talk about you getting well,
happy and healthy. : )

I am not to sure I like to hear all this dying talk. : (

12 years old

Tinkle said...

Hi Shin.

Thanks for sharing your blog. I'm sure that many viewers out there are touched by your cancer-fighting spirit.

You're the strongest lady I've ever seen. You're the best mommy Josie & Toby could ever have. :]] You have all your friends, your family, and all the people out there supporting you. May god bless you.

Co Co said...


It once again touches my heart when I watch your documentary!

Frankly speaking, I really can't compare to you when you are facing death and me, office politics. I wanna escape from it and yet you have dealt with it. You made me feel "small"....

Life is beautiful no matter what situation we are in and I believe positive thinking plays a part in it. And you have shown us that it works for you.

Thanks for sharing the documentary with us. I will watch it whenever I feel down cuz you have taught me... if Shin can deal with cancer, nothing is too hard for me to deal with.

It's been a pleasure knowing you Shin!

Do have a great day ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin, here's another news report of you in 2007.

Shin said...


Thanks for that! I didn't know that was there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shin,

You have set such a good example for anyone who has to go through a disease like cancer. If I ever have to face it in the future, I know where to go for strength. You are so beautiful even without hair. Tony and the kids will be very proud of you.

Rie said...

Hi Shin.

Thanks for sharing your documentary.

I hope this question doesn't come across as strange but:

Do you keep your boxes for Toby and Josie in a fire-proof cabinet?

I was very touched by your actions. And I cried a little at the bit where you instructed Tony on what he was supposed to do for Josie when she turned 16. And how you insisted that he must NOT forget.

And I just think it's a good idea to keep important stuff and legal documentation which are a pain to replace in fire-proof cabinets. You know, just in case.

Hey, it's a strange/none-of-my-business thing I know, but this IS something I feel strongly about.

Shin said...


I think you're absolutely right.

Almost all of the things that I'm leaving for the kids are irreplaceable. If those things go up in flames, Toby and Josie will lose their mother twice, instead of just once.

I'm going to take your advice and get fire-proof cabinets for these things.

Thanks very much for pointing that out.

Leighbee said...

I hope you won't be offended but I wanted you to see a few words my father sent me this evening. I forwarded your documentary to him. He is a Scot, pretty hard in nature, rare to see him ruffled. In fact, I am not sure I ever have.

He said:

I have also spent a heart-warming session viewing Shin's You Tube video. What a brave lady and such a stoic husband. I am sure that everyone seeing the film will gain great consolation from understanding how Shin and Tony can face the inevitable with so much love and acceptance but still make the most of every moment they are given. It is sad that people have to face such problems but realistically, we all die someday and should live each day as best we can.

Amy (Baby tink) said...

Hey Shin,

It's Amy here. Leigh's daughter. :)

I haven't commented before on your blog but I just watched your documentary and it really brought tears to my eyes.

I just had an argument with mum and said some nasty things. Then I watched this documentary and it made think... and I feel very bad now. You are an amazing person and I'll never forget that day we painted the library at Rosemount. : )

Also the part about the locket for Josie is the most special thing I have ever heard. : )

All my love,


yaya said...

Hi Shin.

Great to see the programme again. : ) Thank you for taking the trouble. Now I can show my mum the programme too. Anyways, I wanted to say, you will get your desires and wishes and your children will grow up strong and healthy too. Take care, ok? : )

Scott said...


I'm so pleased you found Tony. It's often a convoluted journey to embrace such a special person.

Shin said...


Do I know you? Is this Scott M. or some other Scott?

Leighbee said...

See how special you are Shin. Even my (sometimes troublesome) teenage daughter is learning some valuable lessons from you!

Shin said...


Sorry, but I can't take credit for that. She's YOUR daughter. You must've done something right.

Kathie said...

Dear Shin.

So happy to see your documentary online!

Sorry, I had no access to your blog the past days and was concerned that I couldn't follow up.

Well, life goes on, with or without our active participation. :)


lisacc said...


It is wonderful how incredibly pretty you look and also glowing. I remember in the cancer waiting room at my mother's hospital everyone looked very old and very grey. First I thought it was actually old people's day - like a clinic session specifically for over 65s. Then I realised that they weren't all old, there were people there in their thirties, forties and fifties. They were just ill, and their illness made them look much older.

But you look just the same as I remember. And compared to the photos of you in it - the marriage ones etc - you look just as young now. I know that how you look is probably the least of concerns, but it really struck me, and I really hope that the fact you look so much healthier than I would have expected means you are actually stronger inside than might be realised.

Your children are both incredibly pretty too!

I sent the link on to Steve. I'll tell him not to watch it at work in case he cries like I am.


Scott R. said...

Shin, it's Scott R... Another Scott!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I work with cancer patients every day and your story inspires me to continue my work with compassion and humility. We will fight till dawn! My prayers are with you and your family.

cool dame said...

Hi! I am born in yr 1966 too-same like Shin Na.... I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January this year. I am going through chemotherapy now, I want to be as strong as Shin Na.... I want to live my life while I'm alive. Thank you Shin Na for the strength you gave me via yr blog.....To Tony and the kids..... thank you for being there for Shin Na....

Shan said...


I find your strength amazing. I only pray that I can and will be as strong as you through life for my children, 4. 7yrs, 4yrs, 2yrs, 9 months. You are an inspiration, I have dedicated a post to you on my BLOG,and hope this helps share your story and build awareness and gratitude.

Take care