Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Job

I've given myself a new job: Cancer Blogger. I'm going to write on this blog every weekday, Monday to Friday. That way, there will be some consistency and you'll know what to expect.

I know today is Saturday, but I'm making an exception to the five-day work week to remind friends in Singapore about Shear Inspiration, a fundraiser for the Children's Cancer Foundation tonight.

There will be drinks, nibblies, a lucky draw, and an auction to shave some beautiful ladies' heads.

Venue: Rogues, 146 Market Street
Time: 7:30 p.m. till late
Tickets: $75 (You can get tickets at the door. All of the money goes to the CCF.)

Tony and I are taking some friends with us so we can't offer you a ride, but we'd love to see you there.


Kok-Hwee Cheong said...

Many thanks for your support for Shear Inspiration! Were you also at Hair Extravaganza?

Here's my well wishes to you in your own battle!! :)

Warmest regards,
Kok Hwee
Volunteer and now contract Staff, CCF

Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

Would love to join you tonite but have to rest well coz tomorrow night I'm going to the Vesak day's celebration in the temple and doing the ritual of 3 steps 1 bows.Would want to dedicate this to you too and pray for your well being.

Hugs and Love