Friday, May 16, 2008

Reader Survey

Some friends and regular readers of my blog have asked me to conduct a reader survey. Could you indulge them and my own curiosity by answering the following questions for me?

FYI - Comments you post on my blog don't immediately appear on the site. When you post a comment, it comes to me in an e-mail. I then publish it and it appears on the site, or I reject it and it does not appear on the site.

So... if you don't want your survey answers to be posted, please write DO NOT POST and I will simply have a look at your answers but not post them. As always, you can choose to answer anonymously, whether your answer is posted or not posted.


Survey questions:

1) Who are you? (Answer this any way you'd like, e.g., name, profession, nationality, relationship to me, etc.)
2) How did you find my blog?
3) How often do you check my blog?
4) Why do you read my blog?
5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries?


Deb said...

1) Who are you?

Very very very good friend.

(2) How did you find my blog?

You told me about it.

3) How often do you check my blog?

Whenever I check my mail, two/three times a day.

4) Why do you read my blog?

Gives me a quick update on your progress and how you're feeling, physically and mentally.

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries?

It's wonderful just to read your blog on a day to day basis, knowing your mind is still as active as ever.
I don't like it when you don't write for a few days, makes me worry.

One question: Do you find people are more affectionate around you, knowing you are sick and does it get intolerable or are you happy to know you are loved and admired?

Leighbee said...

1) Who are you? (Answer this any way you'd like, e.g., name, profession, nationality, relationship to me, etc.)

Leigh, a friend of Shin and previous teacher of her son, Toby.

2) How did you find my blog?

Given the link information from the children school.

3) How often do you check my blog?

Daily (sometimes twice depending on subject matter)

4) Why do you read my blog?

Don't like to keep pestering you but feel by reading your blog I can keep up to date with your progress, thoughts and feelings so hopefully helping me to make the right decisions as to when and how you need the most support/help....

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries?

I think you are VERY honest and open in your BLOG - thank you! I think you are so well read and educated that you address most if not all areas that people want to read about so for me I think the answer to this question is a no.


Michelle said...

1) Who are you?

A friend of your brother Kang, from seminary days. Now a freelance writer, church/workshop/forum presenter, retreat leader. Formerly theology professor and college chaplain.

2) How did you find my blog?

Kang told me about it because of the writing I am interested in producing.

3) How often do you check my blog?

A couple of times a day.

4) Why do you read my blog?

Because I find it moving, insightful, charming, challenging, helpful and sometimes hilarious. Also because I hold you, Tony, Josie, Toby and the whole Na clan close in my thoughts and prayers.

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries?

Shin, whatever you feel moved to write about is what I want to read. The fact that you are doing this is a show of generosity to the world, and I'm glad to be witness to it. To say you inspire me seems so trite, at least the way we normally use that word "inspire." But if we take the word seriously then it means "to breathe into:" there is a life-giving force moving around in your reflections.

Francesca Giessmann said...

1. Francesca
mother of Leo, 4 y/o
wife to Carsten
stage IV cancer survivor
Italian , grew up in Brazil, lived a bit everywhere, currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. I never met you, but feel a "mother with cancer" connection

2. Your friend Christa whom I met here in Zurich. She missed you and your family a LOT.

3. It depends... sometimes everyday, then I go a period without checking on it.

4. I now follow Max's journey through your blog and I also want to know how you are doing. Last year, when I was really sick, I kept having these thoughts: What would Leo remember of me if I were to go now??? what would people tel him about me??/ what would they Not? He was 3 years old when I was DX.

5. I think there is a 'special " connection with people that have or are still fighting the Big C. I particularly enjoy your efforts to showcase great organizations or need areas. When I was sick and needed a blood transfusion ( that was the single event that really made me realize how sick I was) .. I also began urging people to donate blood. I was treated in Northern New Jersey and there is a serious deficit of blood supplies. And I was lucky cause I had a "normal blood", but it stayed on my mind specailly because my son is "O " blood type and can only receive from O.
Anyway, keep doing what you are doing...
a big hug, from a virtual friend

lianain said...

1) Who are you?

Lynn, your ex-colleague. Documentary filmmaker.

2) How did you find my blog?

You sent me a link.

3) How often do you check my blog?

If I'm not traveling and have access to the internet.... as often as I can!

4) Why do you read my blog?

To find out how you're doing without having to bother your with an email or phone call. Also, I love the way you write. I love reading stories about Josie and Toby and I love how you boldly take on topics most other people wouldn't dare to touch.

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address?

Yes, I have one question. How should people react when they find out that a friend has cancer? I remember reacting rather clumsily when you first told me, and I've always wondered if there's a better way of responding. Any thoughts?

Lois Ann said...

I am a friend of you mother-in-law. It was she who suggested I read your blog. I did so and have checked almost everyday for your latest. I like to read it because it is a real living account and with your talent for writing. You are so open, above the negative and challenge others' thinking/feeling about life as it is. I feel I know you more and more, thus care about you (and your blog friends) more and more. Carol is so blessed to have you in her life. I have no questions or issues (yet) for the future because yours are already worth my seeking out.

Anonymous said...

Who are you:
Your brother-in-law (The one who tries to be calm and level headed all the time and has to plan very carefully the reading of your blog for fear of someone at work seeing him cry or freak out).

How often do you check my blog:
Most days

Why do you read my blog:
Because I feel helpless and I am freaking out. Reading your blog generally doesn't help this by-the-way (but there have been some recent exceptions). However, I can't stop and I suppose it is better to know what I'm freaking out about and what I feel helpless about than to not know.
Want to hear something weird? I don’t read anyone’s comments to your posts. I’m not sure exactly why, but I know that after reading them I just end up feeling more upset without having gained any additional info about what’s happening with you.

Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries:
Yes. Please stop being so witty, so honest, so thoughtful, so strong, and such a good person through all of this. Being in awe of another person makes me feel inferior.

Anonymous said...

hi Shin!! it's me, jane, alicia's sister writing from san francisco. this is my very first time on your blog and i found it by doing a internet search. i wanted to see how you have been doing and coincidentally, your last entry is this reader survey. how funny! well, kyla's here next to me as well as i write. she sends her love.

several months ago, when alicia and i were talking about you at some length, i must admit, i cried copiously throughout the entire conversation. the tears just fell. i wanted to let you know that i think of you from time to time, wondering how your life is unfolding. i regret not having spent more time with you last time i was in singapore a couple of years ago. i was unnecessarily so wrapped up in my studies. it was finals time as i recall. i do remember vividly our last tight hug just prior to my departure, while standing on the front steps of my sister's house. it left an indelible impression on me. i am not a big fan of cliches like most of us, but after reading about your recent experiences with cancer, it made me recognize once again the common thread of humanity that brings all of us together in one form or another. thank you for your candor, your laughter, your smiles, your generosity, your resilience, your ebullience. you're much loved and cared for. blessings to you and your family, love, jane and kyla

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to you by my sis-in-law who met you at the oncologist clinic.We became friends and you told me about your blog.I read your blog everyday and have introduced it to my teenage children, at times we sit and discuss about certain topics you have written.I find you very inspirational and strong.I would like to hear what you think about natural cure for cancer.
A few days back I received news that my dad who is 75 yrs old has prostate cancer :(

Your friend -Rubina

ALI KATI said...

1) Who are you?

Annie, old school friend of Lynn and Fashela's, both your ex-colleagues, I believe.

2) How did you find my blog?

They pointed me to your blog.

3) How often do you check my blog?

Every day - it's joined the list of things I check daily as part of my routine.

4) Why do you read my blog?

I like how forthright you are. I like how your blog deals with the harsher realities of life with a lot of strength and authenticity.

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address?

1) What do you think is the best way to spend the time we have left, regardless of how long that might be?
2) What is your greatest wish for Tony and the kids in the future, if you are no longer with them?

Tony said...

1. Who are you?
Your husband ;)
2. How id you find my blog?
I suggested starting the blog.
3. Why and how often?
I check daily, but its gotten harder since I've taken time off work - taking care of kids makes it hard to get on the computer. Also, I have to admit your blog is my fourth most frequently read blog after Andrew Sullivan, TPM and Washington Monthly :)
4. Blog post suggestions: a) You do a lot of cancer research. some of your readers have cancer. You should highlight the websites/books and other sources you are using and what you are finding out. One post could be just the links you are using most right now. b) I think posts regarding the details of physical symptoms you are experiencing helps those without cancer understand more about what happens to someone with cancer. Post a regular physical status update. What pains you feel, the bumps you can feel under your skin, how weak/strong you are, the status on your tumors etc.
c) I think the posts of stories about the kids are among your best. your write them very well with a great balance of humor and bittersweet feelings.
d) I think you should post details on your blog traffic and the people who have contacted you regarding the blog. I'm amazed at the traffic numbers you showed me and surprised by the number of people who approach you after reading the blog - I think it might be interesting to others as well.
e) I think topics that are of interest to you are fair game for commentary. I just sent you a link to another blog about someone who just wrote their cancer has gone to stage 4. If you think it is interesting then your readers might also. Link to it (not really that one, but to things like that). You don't have to say much about it. I'd say links or comments on books/movies on other topics regarding family, health, mortality, ethics would be fair game for you blog.

Love Tony

amangler said...

1. Shin and I dated on and off from 1986 to 1989. Things ended badly enough that I didn't speak to her for 17 years. I looked her up last fall, and we've reconnected as long lost friends.

2. I am a Google Master, Level IV black belt.

3. I check at least once a day, more if there's no update when I first look.

4. I want to know how you're feeling, mentally and physically. Plus, I simply enjoy the way you write and the way your unique perspectives on life's issues, big and small, can be enlightening or maddening. I've got a lot of time to make up for. Plus, I'm really bored at work a lot of the time.

5. Nothing I ain't asked already.


Roxana said...

- Roxana, an old friend from college, Reid Hall to be exact.
- From my husband, Larry, another old friend from Reid Hall, who reconnected with you after you wrote an entry in the Columbia alumnae magazine.
- I try to check your blog daily, usually when I get to work.
- I love your writing, especially when you write about your kids. You're just as funny and smart as you were 20 years ago! Your strength inspires me.
- Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us. We think of you often. Do you remember that crazy party we had at the end of the term where we took down the walls separating the 3 apartments?

Alistair said...

Who me?
Decayed old banker trying to reinvent himself as an actor
You told me - probably as a way of not having to repeat yourself for the ninety ninth time re 'how are you, how do you feel' etc
How often?
Daily, often in those wee small hours when we wake up and cannot convince ourselves back to sleep
I want to know how you are, I want to hear about the family, I don't want you to have to repeat yourself, I want to see your beautiful brain at work
Questions and issues?
Your choices of topic and means of expression will make anything I hazard look trivial - a situation I have been long resigned to (black mark, bad grammar).

Vic said...

1) Who are you? Vicky Binns; Engineer working as a stockbroking analyst in Mining Sector. Started as a friend of a friend of Shin's 7 years ago who over the years has come to think of Shin as a good friend
of mine too.

2) How did you find my blog? I get it sent to me regularly as I can't get access... Work obviously won't trust me on suspicious sites!

3) How often do you check my blog? At least a couple of times a week when my friend emails me the latest.

4) Why do you read my blog? Because your thoughts show what incredible intestinal fortitude you have, are very open and honest, and this on-line dialogue will be a fantastic memory for your children to be able to see in the long term what a special person their mum is and was.

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries? That would be like selling ice to the Eskimo's or
oil to the Arabs ... You don't need help in writing or expressing yourself from this dumb engineer!

Puni said...

1) Who are you?

friend of a friend. someone who lost both grandmas and two aunts to cancer

2) How did you find my blog?

google search

3) How often do you check my blog?

about once a week

4) Why do you read my blog?

for the no-nonsense description of the journey

5) Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address in future blog entries?

more of the same would be just perfect. for a long time yet, I hope

Anonymous said...

1. I am the older sister of Shin's college boyfriend (see amangler's comment), Respiratory Therapist, and breast cancer survivor.

2. My brother sent me to the blog.

3. Every morning, when I have internet access. This posting is late because I was traveling.

4. I remember Shin being at our house for holidays in the "olden days", and have followed this journey with a great deal of survivor's guilt. My situation at diagnosis was remarkably similar, as I had just delivered my third child. That child is now 21 years old. The unjustness of Shin's late diagnosis sticks in my craw.

5. No questions.

Tanith said...

Keep up the good work.