Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cancer, the Global Economic Crisis

I've been looking into non-chemo treatment options for the tumors in my body - liver, lungs, brain, bones, lymph nodes, and soft tissue in the chest wall. I've come across several that seemed promising for the liver tumors at first. But upon further investigation, it seems the tumors in my liver are too big and numerous to qualify me for any surgical, laser, thermal, radio, or other procedures for the liver. There's no point in getting rid of tumors in the liver when I have cancer spread throughout the rest of my body.

But I wanted to consult a surgeon specializing in breast cancer or breast cancer that has metastasized (spread) to the liver, just to get a more focussed perspective. To put it in language that my financial husband is familiar with... leaving the treatment of my liver tumors to a general oncologist might be like talking to an Asia bank analyst instead of a specialist Singapore bank analyst. Tony's response: There's a global economic crisis going on in my body, so focussing on just solving the Singapore bank problem is pointless.

And then my ex-financial friend suggested: Couldn't we talk to a global economic strategist AND a Singapore bank analyst to get the broad as well as the narrow perspective? Meanwhile, we could inject some capital into Singapore banks (my liver) to help them weather the global economic crisis better.

And then I thought... chemo is like the IMF: Painful, but necessary measures for long-term survival.

At this point, I remembered why I left CNBC. Financial news reporting is almost as painful as cancer!


Anonymous said...

I love this analogy.


Alka said...

i'm going to forward this post to my financial news editor husband...he's going to love it. Hope you're feeling better. You've got to feel and do better.
luv, alka

Alka said...

Hey Shin: almost all my knowledge about cancer is from your posts, but having done some search on my own, I've come across something called "budwig diet". I'm sure you already know all that's there to know, but have you thought about any of these diets along with chemo? As i said, I'm a total novice, and if all this sounds stupid /crazy, do ignore it.We think about you a lot and want you to get well. luv, alka

Doubting Thomas Tang said...

Dear Shin,

I hope you will get better. Have faith!

Anonymous said...

Smiling through my tears......

Love you

Anonymous said...

I posted my own blog on a different site, and I have already had 30 hits in the last 5 minutes - I redirected them to your site, because you are the expert, but not sure whether it was the right thing to do - asked if anyone had any ways to combat cancer which had spread.... I titled my post Breast Cancer IV spread to liver, lungs, brain