Monday, August 25, 2008

From A Fellow Brain Cancer Patient

My brother has a friend who's been living with a brain tumor for the past 12 years. I find some reassurance in his story, so I'd like to share it with you. His name is David Bailey. Here is his story:

The house was packed up. The moving van was on the way; we were on our way to Boston for a new job, a new house and a new life. I was 30 years old. My kids were 2 & 4. My wife was crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's for the big move. Hours later, I was on a helicopter on my way to emergency surgery.

The malignant tumor was the size of a baseball and everyone agreed I'd be dead in a matter of months. I woke up a day later with the news. A week after that came the long walk and the epiphany I've told so many about - the one where I yelled "why me" and God showed me a better question: "What now?"

So today, 12 years later, I find I am still asking it. And while the answers are still sometimes elusive, I still enjoy asking. I could never have imagined that the last decade would see 17 CD's released and performances in 44 states. That's crazy. Makes me really curious about the next 12.

I recently started a song about how I wondered if I had anything left to say. I think so. Though today I am caused to recall the song that started this journey. - "To The World" written on the back of a dollar bill on another long walk. It still does maybe the best job of capturing those early questioning moments and setting the stage for what was to come - a stage I could not have ever imagined.

To those of you who have lost loved ones in this time, know that I am humbled in your presence. To those still fighting the good fight: Keep on keeping on. Hope does live. But you already knew that. Each of you is proof.



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To The World
What is life if not a chance to make a difference
What are days if not different chances to live
What is time if not a season for renewal
What is renewal but another chance to give love, to the world
What are friends if not reflections of the spirit,
What is hope if not a blending of the future and the past
What are dreams if not decisions to awaken
The soul that conquers fear is the only one that lasts
Long enough, to give love to the world
It's not a question of freedom; it’s not a question of pain
It's just a matter of learning
We all must feel the loss before we know the gain
So when the demons and the dragons come to haunt you
And you're certain that the chance for peace is gone
Close your eyes and listen to the wind blow;
You'll hear His voice of love passing through, passing on
Giving love to the world


Anonymous said...

your site is interesting o read

Shin said...


Thank you. Are you also a brain cancer patient?