Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Feet Update

That last post was from yesterday, although posted this morning. Since then, my feet have gotten much better. My podiatrist friend made a special house call and says one of the toes might just be an in-grown toenail. She also said that pus doesn't necessarily mean an infection. There's septic pus, which is due to a bacterial infection, and aseptic pus, which is not an infection. Since I have no other signs of infection, these toes might just be leaking aseptic fluid as my body tries to flush out unwanted germs. Now, why couldn't the doctors and nurses tell me all that?


amangler said...

I'm amazed that you have yet to make an "agony of de-feet" pun. Seems right up your alley.

Glad to hear they're better.


Alka said...

I'm so glad they're better. I've been dreaming of little white toes.