Saturday, August 9, 2008

Josie Funnies Addendum

I was just eating my breakfast when Josie came up to me and said:

Josie: Mommy, why don't you believe in God?
Me: Well... I'm just not sure he's real. I just don't know.
Me: Do you believe in God?
Josie: Yes.
Me: I think that's great. You're very lucky.
Josie: I think he's here with us but he's invisible. I think he's right in front of us wherever we go.
PAUSE (I was a bit stunned.)
Josie: I'm going to my room now to have a rest.

End of conversation.


writerinresidence said...

Children are wiser than adults in so many ways. Am so glad you're feeling better, Shin. Maybe we can get together soon...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why you posted that comment, but it's good that you did. Food for thought.

I would like my children to believe that I'm still alive to take care of them when I'm gone, but I don't need any god to do that. Maybe, foolishly, I still believe that the spirit of me will linger in their eyes, spirit and being, that will be enough "god" for me. That they believe in me and believe in themselves will be enough. I do believe in the spirit of me, the spirit of life and giving. That's not belief in god, it's belief in what I'm doing and making the right choices.

I hope my kids will do the same. It's nice that Josie believes in "god" because I think at a young age it's actually important. It's only when you get older that you're able to decide. It's safe. It's nice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "anonymous". I think believing in God when you're young does help make you feel safe. I remember saying my prayers every night asking God to take care of my parents and brothers and sisters and cats, dogs etc. I couldn't sleep without saying these prayers and believing that God was up there watching out for my mum and dad made me feel like everything would always be ok. Obviously once I got a bit older then I started to question the whole "God" thing but I'm so glad I had "him" when I was a child.