Friday, August 29, 2008

Foot Cure?

This article, "Want a Zillion-Dollar Cure Idea?" in the International Herald Tribune is written by a woman suffering from Hand-Foot Syndrome. She has found something to relieve the chemo-induced pain in her feet.

I thought this might be of help or interest to anyone out there on Xeloda or other chemo that causes Hand-Foot Syndrome.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

So....we're all dying to know. Have you tried it yet and does it work? Let me know if you want me to venture to Mustafa's to get henna powder. Knowing I did something today would make me feel somewhat useful today. xT

Shin said...

Dear xT,

I haven't tried it yet because I don't know what kind of henna to get, or even what it is. I wrote to the author of the article to ask for proportions of each ingredient but haven't heard back yet. Don't expect to, really. But my feet are starting to heal so I'll let nature take its course.

Christine Raza said...

Hi again,

I found the original writer's website with the exact kind of henna to use, as well as a website where you can buy it, and how to make it. I hope this helps!!!

Monique Doyle Spencer said...

Hello, Shin, and very best wishes to you. My name is Monique Doyle Spencer and I heard about your wonderful blog from Christine. I hope my experience can be of some help so i posted everything on If I learn anything new I tweak it -- for example, I like a thicker solution so I'm using a 1:1 ratio.

You'll be able to get fresh, pure henna powder where you are, no doubt. Make sure not to get the henna for hair because it is usually the last use of a henna harvest.

Your blog is a great gift you have given everybody. God bless, Monique

Anonymous said...

About 25 years ago, My Mum put Henna powder on my dogs because they had wounds on their "elbows" = within 3 days they healed. Mum also used it on us as "guinea pigs" - it always worked.

It's long been a source of healing. I still have henna powder at home. Not sure if it will work becuz it's probably about 20 years old now!!

Shin said...

That's it! I'm going to try it!

It seems the skin on my feet is still quite thin and getting even thinner in some parts, despite the fact that the open bleeding and pus-oozing has stopped. I'm worried that I won't be able to withstand the next onslaught of chemo that's supposed to start by the end of this week, if I don't get my feet back to normal first.

So if anyone reading this in Singapore just happens to be going to Little India anytime soon and knows where and how to get pure henna, may I ask you to pick some up for me?

Here is a description of the henna I'm supposed to use:

Buy pure henna powder. Don’t buy: henna for hair; anything called “Black” or “neutral” henna; tattoo henna; pastes or pens. I bought mine online at, but you might find it at a South Asian or Middle Eastern grocery store. Pure henna is green, even though it is going to stain your feet a saffron color. It should smell a little bit like green tea.

Henna comes from a tropical/arid shrub called “Lawsonia inermis.” Heat and acidity will release the “Lawsone” to work on your skin.

Thanks so much! And thanks so much to Monique Doyle Spencer, for helping make life with cancer at least a little more physically bearable for fellow cancer patients.

Leighbee said...

Mission accomplished....!

For anyone living in Singapore considering the "Henna treatment", you may like to know the following....

It would appear the no "local shops" stock natural henna (certainly in the Siglap area) so it must be bought from "Little India". Even in Little India it is a little bit difficult to source but can be found on the bottom shelf, aisle 15 of the 1st Floor of Mustafa Centre!

The bag comes in two sizes with 1kg being the largest and is incredibly reasonably priced at just $7-50!

Can't wait to hear if it helps....such an exciting "experiment".

Good luck Shin! Keep us posted....