Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another link to today's Today

Another commenter provided this link to an article in the Today paper.

I have to thank the journalists from MediaCorp. They have been very helpful and considerate to us, and I think have done a very thoughtful job in their reports on Shin.



Anonymous said...


I checked the street directory for exact location seem to be two Asian Civilization Museum I and II...can the address be posted too...though i told myself i can try both locations but others may miss it..n I have been trying to get papers for more details.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, Josie & Toby,

Our sincere condolences.

Shin is not someone who has passed from us, but a person whose courage & strength will live within all who had the honor of knowing her.

We'll be there Saturday and will bring Kate for Toby to play with!

Best wishes to you all.

Glenn & Kat van Zutphen

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,Josie & Toby,
Sad to know that Shin is gone but happy to know that at last she's out of pain and sufferings.
She is a REALLY wonderful mum whom I got to know in Josie's kinderrgarten (I used to work there in Josie's class).
Although she's gone,she will always live in my mind and heart for she is too good to be forgotten..
Love,Sharopn Ng

Anonymous said...

Dear Josie & Toby,

You've got a brave mama, full of love and courage. She's an inspiration...



Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, I hope you do not mind what I am going to say. I hope arrangements have been made for Josie and Toby like who will be helping you with them and who, beside yrself, will be helping them to tide thru' this difficult times. M sure auntie michelle will be there. The loss of the mummie may strike them harder next week after the flurry of activities and all the people around them left for their own homes. I just left so sad when I looked at the pic of Shin hugging Josie after school and the Ch8documentary show where Toby ran crying to Shin after Shin "reprimanded" him for nt using his forks. Do keep us posted of the well-being of Josie and Toby thou' I do believe they are toughies like the mummie.

lisacc said...

When I visited that link, I first read the top headline as referring to Shin. I think she would have found the juxtaposition amusing.

And the top headline would be true I think, if all of us commenting here were able to travel to Singapore. I won't be able, but I hope it is a beautiful commemoration of Shin, very sad as it will be for you all.

Anonymous said...


We are deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Shin after her long battle with cancer.

We know it has been a difficult time for you and we all know how brave and courageous Shin was fighting this battle. And we know just how much love, devotion and total commitment you put into caring for her and the kids during her illness.

Our thoughts are with you, and we will arrange to meet up with you at your convenience. But if there is something we can do, please do not hesitate to let us know.

With our deepest sympathy,

Ong Siew Mooi, Sandy Tan, Alice Lau, Tan Boon Kee, Edwin Tan, Deddy Gan, O Cheng Cheng, Shirley Foo, Jennifer Chan

Shabnam Melwani-Reis said...

I was deeply saddened to hear about Shin Na's passing. I knew Shin when she worked and CNBC and I at MTV, over twelve years ago. Although we did not know each other well, I always respected her and we had great connect with each other. After reading this blog and the article in Today, I learnt of what an amazingly courageous and inspiring woman she is and it really set an example for me of what is truly important in Life, something which I sadly tend to forget at times.
My heartfelt condolences to Tony, Josie, Toby and the rest of the family and friends.
God bless you Shin.
Shabnam Melwani-Reis
Director Jay Gee Melwani Group

Anonymous said...

i guess shin had left it to her josie,toby and tony to help her continue her journey for her..

and to shin and toby..ur kids look totally awesome! josie has eyes like mummy..the well as toby..very pretty..

wonderful parents will make wonderful kids..n u see it here.. :) proud of u shin..u did really well..almighty will look over ur kids to ensure everything will go smoothly for well as tony..

lots of love <3

Anonymous said...

do update more pics of how the kids are doing.they are really adorable..

and most importantly..u can see mummy in their eyes.

To josie and toby

thou mummy left u early..but always remember that your mummy gave u something that others will not be able to give..her motherly love for both of u.and nothing beats that.during the point of crisis..everything shows..and what u see is unconditional love..mummy has given her best shot..cheers for her..

Mark Laudi said...

Dear Tony, Josie & Toby

At Shin's 40th birthday party she said to the gathered guests, "cancer hasn't changed me - it's changed all of you!"

She was right.

Her condition certainly has had a profound impact on all those who knew her.

It wasn't just the cancer itself, but Shin's response to it.

Which one of us has been left untouched by her resilience, her determination, and her candour?

Which one of us doesn't secretly wish that we could be as strong as she, and persevere like she, if we were struck by the same condition?

Shin always tried to make a difference, based on an unshakeable understanding of right and wrong, and no matter what the circumstance. Whether she was editing television scripts with seconds before going to air, deciding to donate her organs, or, well, telling Toby to use a fork in front of rolling TV cameras from Channel 8.

The greatest tribute we can pay her is to let the difference she made in our lives shine through in our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Be resilient.

Be determined.

Be candid.

Be strong.


Shin, I will miss your engagement in life, and the lives of others. I will miss your strong sense of right and wrong. I will miss our dogged debates over British vs American English in news scripts. I will miss our Saturday sushi lunches. Your ready smile. Your optimism.

Tony, Josie & Toby - you can count on our support during these difficult times, and beyond.

Ever yours
Mark Laudi

Anonymous said...

Tony, there is a newspaper report in Chinese newspaper (Xin Ming). Shin is on the front page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, the newspaper report in xinmin is now available in details:-

Ben Lee said...

Dear Tony, Toby and Josie

My sincere condolences.

You have a courageous/ strong wife/mama who will live in one's memory for years to come.