Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Death as in Life

I guess it is fairly significant that Shin decided to donate her organs and body to research. Most readers would probably know that whether it was recycling, saving energy, promoting good health, shaving her head for a good cause or helping a child from the Ukraine, Shin always tried to encourage everyone to help out.

A camera crew from Channel News Asia just came to ask me questions about Shin's decision. They will add a segment from the research centers explaining how helpful it is. I'm amazed that Shin is still able to inspire even though she has passed.

Also, I was surprised how Josie's thoughts evolved on this issue of the past week. Last week I explained what cremation was and Josie seemed sort of scared by the idea. Yesterday, I explained to her and her friend Ciara (Michelle's daughter, and Josie's friend who was with her) that Shin had donated her organs to research and that we would get back her ashes in six months. I told her that she should be proud of her mother for wanting to help others even in her death - and not many others in Singapore do that. Josie said she wanted to donate her organs as well and her friend Ciara said she doesn't understand why more people don't do it, "they are already dead!". Shin would have loved to have heard that conversation.

I'm told the segment will most likely be in the 10pm news program on Channel News Asia. Also, the Today paper called to ask about it and said they will probably have a comment in Today tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Yes,Shin will be very very happy and console that Josie knows how to share and concern and give just like her mother! :)

Shin is indeed a very extraordinary person in her different role.

Tony, be strong and do take care of yourself as well as nurture and instill right values in Josie and Toby which Shin has always wanted and do. :)

Anonymous said...

Tony, you are right. Shin would love to hear this conversation. She is unique & inspirational in her thots. I know its a trying moment for you too. Hang in there, u have been great n admirable through this journey. I hope you can continue Shin's blog. My thots are with you.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you're absolutely right, it is amazing how she continues to inspire and really does live on. It just hadn't occurred to me that she would donate her body to research and now it seems so obvious!

Jerry and Laney were truly sad to hear about Shin. Laney was particularly upset that she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Shin and said that she would give Shin some flowers in her dream that night. They both send hugs to Toby and Josie and were reassured to know that you all have so many people around you to help you through this time. Jerry remembered Shin's shared fondness for puzzles and games which reminded me of the time she set up a home school during one of the school holidays. She had all the neighbours kids over on a daily basis with a fixed schedule and a healthy lunch thrown in. Truly amazing woman.

We're heartbroken by what's happened to Shin and to you as a family. You all continue to amaze and inspire us.

With lots of love, hugs and happy memories of the times we all spent together in Singapore, The Floydds xxx

Anonymous said...

Tony, when I read that Shin had donated her body to science for research I wasn't the least bit surprised, of course she would do that! Leave it to her to find a way! She is probably the most courageous and truly generous human being that I have ever known. She will be deeply missed by so many and there are no words to express my condolences to you, Josie, Toby and Michelle. Our thoughts are with all of you! Carrie Selander, Anthony, Ally, Cameron and Gabriel Pink

Anonymous said...

Tony, words cannot adequately express how sorry we are. All of us here are thinking of you, Josie, Toby and the extended family and wishing you strength and courage.
Speaking to Maya and Lili today about Shin they recalled one of their favourite stories. In the book, "No Matter What", a Mum and and a baby rabbit have a conversation about when Mum is no longer and whether love will carry on. Mum replies that love is like starlight, it never dies.
Standing in the garden last night, having just heard the news, somehow the stars did shine more brightly and more beautifully....
We will miss you Shin, but your love and your inspiration to those around you will live on.
Vanessa, Ash, Maya, Lili and Isi XXX