Thursday, January 15, 2009

God. Still?

I'm still receiving quite a few comments from readers trying to convince me there's a God, and to "find Jesus". I suppose they're appealing to my presumed terror and desperation at the thought of dying, thereby making me more vulnerable to a deathbed conversion.

During the past three years of having cancer, I've posted a number of entries on this blog where I thought I made my views on religious issues fairly clear. So to those of you who have started reading this blog only recently, may I save us both some time?

Go to the top of this blog page and type into the SEARCH BLOG field on the left side the words "God", "religion", "afterlife", and any other religious topics you're interested in knowing my stance on.

If, after reading those entries, you still have some questions, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. I've always been very open about my views on religion and I won't change that now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, but no thanks to the proselytizing, please.


Char said...


This is the time to really think of Josie and Toby. Josie says that she thinks that there is a God. Validate her by saying that you will be in heaven with God and will always be her mom and guardian angel. Say that she may not see you but you will see her and protect her and watch over her. Give her something to hold on to even though you think that you do not believe.

Give your children the option to make their own decions about God. Let them believe that you will be their Mom forever and that you will watch over them. Don't let them believe that there is no God. Let them make up their own minds about that.

Tony will take good care of them and you will watch from above. Please don't make your children hopeless that you will be gone forever. Let them know that there is life beyond death.

I believe that you can make the best decision for yourself but can you make the best decision for them? Please don't let them think that you, their Mom, will be gone forever. Let them know that you will always be there for them. PLEASE!!!

Love, Char

Shin said...


Thanks for your advice. I think I've covered most of these issues before.

Josie has said she THINKS there might be a God but she's not sure. I told her I, also, am not sure.

I've told her that I will always be watching over her and Toby, even though they cannot see me.

I have given them the same right to choose for themselves whether or not they believe in God that my own father gave to me. This gift is not mine to give or withhold anyway.

This gift of Free Will should be more carefully thought-out and taken more seriously than Christians seem to, however. But that's another philosophical discussion for another day.

I cannot let them know that there is life beyond death because nobody knows that for sure.