Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shin's Memorial Jan 31st - more details

We will be celebrating our memories of Shin's life this Saturday. Shin's life was about laughing, loving, giving. It was about kids and families. To continue this, we would like to invite your children too, to join Josie, Toby and all of us in celebrating Shin's life.

The details
Terrace Room, 1st Floor, Asian Civilization Museum (there will be signs up to guide you there)
3.00pm arrive
3.30pm Pink Paddlers' salute
3.45pm Eulogies
4.15pm Video/Photos with memories of Shin
4.30pm Balloon release followed by food and drinks

There will be some roads blocked for some Chinese New Year celebrations on the day. Please see details below for both road closures and parking.

Given our open invitation, we are uncertain as to how many will be coming to Shin's service. So we will have a few chairs available for those who can't stand, but the remainder of us will be standing during the service.

In lieu of flowers Shin would really like us to donate money to the Assisi Hospice, Home Care Team. This team of people helped us so much more than we could have imagined. They came every day and phoned several times a day. They guided us and helped us to understand what to expect. They helped Shin through these last weeks in doing what they needed to assure us of her comfort. of her comfort. They do all of this for free, for all singapore families who need help with these difficult times. Please feel free to bring donations to the memorial service where I will collect them and pass them on in honor of Shin.

Road Closures and Parking
Road closure - doesn't affect Empress Place, Old Parliament Lane. Drivers can drive via High Street, to Parliament place and turn into Old Parliament Lane to ACM (Empress Place). They can exit via Fullerton Road. There is no valet parking at ACM. Places to park are either at Fullerton hotel or Parliament House (basement carpark).

Michelle, Tony & Alicia


Jin said...

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your love and support. Not just for Shin, but for Tony, Josie, and Toby as well. I know that so many people showed Shin and her family immeasurable kindness in supporting them over the past three years in SO MANY different ways. Whether it was through words of support through her blog or otherwise, by assisting with errands, dropping off food, arranging play dates for Josie and Toby, the list just goes on. There are too many expressions of kindness and support to list and too many of you to thank. That, in and of itself, is an amazing blessing for which I am eternally grateful.

I would just like everyone to know that while I am heartbroken, I am comforted by the knowledge that Shin died without pain or discomfort and in peace. Likewise, I’m comforted by knowing that she died surrounded, literally and otherwise, by so many people who loved and cared for her. I can’t thank everyone enough for that. I know the rest of my family would agree. Thank you for loving and supporting my sister, and for your continued kindness and support of Tony, Josie, and Toby. Shin’s life was too short, but I’m so very grateful that she died having found happiness and having experienced so much generosity from so many. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!

Jin, Shin’s little sister.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jin, do take care and take care of your parents,esp their emotion aspect. Is even harder for them as "old" parents. Shin's lfe is short but she lead a life FULL OF LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT in BOTH WAYS.She loves and give AND ppl even like us here loves and support her (& Tony, Josie and Toby,etc)...Your sis is a very lucky in many aspect and so are the ppl who know her! :) She will always be in our heart.

PS I decided that I will also donate my body for medical research,etc, if I can too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jin,

I share your grief as I, too, lost my little sis to cancer over a year ago. It's still tough, especially after learning about Shin's condition which reminds me so much about her. We blame & we ask why. But at the same time, aren't we comforted that these girls had the best times of their lives basking in everyone's love and care, while inspiring & transforming those around them?

Some people may live to a ripe old age but their lives are empty, lonesome & riddled with problems. Our girls are blessed in that they had lived their lives to the fullest, a life filled with loved ones & laughter.

May your family, Tony, Josie, Toby & Shin's lovely friends continue to draw on Shin's strength and spirit everyday so that her life lives on in everyone's heart.

With deepest condolences,

Anonymous said...


Kindly update the thoughts and reflections that may encourage readers of the blog since some of us are not at the memorial services