Sunday, January 25, 2009

She Is Still Feisty And Funny.

Shin is resting comfortably in her bed, with the cocktail of medication she is on working very well now to keep her calm and pain free.

Her doctors come every day to check on her. The facts are: her blood pressure is so low they can't measure it, her pulse is weak, her heart rate is high to help compensate for the low blood pressure, she still has no appetite and she is breathing 5 - 8 breaths per minute (you should try breathing that slowly, it's not easy!).

The doctors say it is a combination of the disease, the medication and the lack of oxygen that are causing her to be a little "loopy" and fatigued. But she has had some fantastically lucid moments over the past few days that have made us laugh.

She is still correcting my english when I ask her to "lay" down, instead of "lie" down. She is still getting us in trouble if we are not doing it just right. And she is still laughing at the little stories she is hearing from her family from when she was young.

So despite her condition, Shin is still Shin, feisty and funny. And she would want all of us to carry on loving and giving.



Alistair said...

It's OK, Michelle. Lay is transitive and lie intransitive...but if you tell someone to lay themselves down, which is what she should probably be doing, that's allowed.
Many many thanks for keeping everyone in touch through the blog. I know it will be important for many people to hear how she is doing.
Bug hugs

Anonymous said...

So Shin, if all this God stuff is correct and you go to heaven, what ya gonna do when you first get there?

I can bet you'll be at the bar having a large drink and drinking to our health down below. You'll then spend the rest of your time that first day trying to figure out the best way to let Josie, Tony & Toby know how much you love them. And then you'll be finding your "good" time - just relaxing and stuff, and always keeping your eye out for your family down below. I can see it........

You'll have a top time up wherever you go, and we will meet again some day.

Kisses, and more
Eira et al

Anonymous said...

More worryingly, if this God stuff is correct... I wonder how he/she will take to heaven being reorganized?

I'm glad she's not laying down, wouldn't be 'our' Shin if she was.

love ya kiddo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shin,

You have been a blessings to those who knew you personally and those through your blog. The legacy you are leaving for Josie and Toby will impact their lives - a mummy who presses on in spite of pain and discomfort because of her love for your darlings in her life.

Josie & Toby, be always be proud of your mummy.

Will said...

Glad to hear she's comfortable and resting and still herself. Thanks for the updates. xxx Will

Anonymous said...

Shin, I don't think your spirit should rest in peace. I think that you would like for us to fight for cancer research and to actually do something.

How many people feel like this?

Let's do something and make Shin feel proud.


Anonymous said...

dear shin, though you are unable to put up entries yourself, we know to let you know that, our very warm thoughts and blessings are with you at this very moment in time.

from nakochong
someone who bumped into you

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Shin might like to listen to this golden oldie

Its so apt !

lisacc said...

I am so glad that Shin still has her spirit and that the medication is keeping her comfortable.

But I am of course incredibly sad that she is so weak, because we all know how much every second spent with her family means to her. I hope she is still able to have quality time with her children each day.

I wish you all well - Shin, her family and friends - and I am just one of the many people all over the world that read this blog and hope the very best for Shin, always.

All love xxx

Katie said...

I konw that the purpose of this blog is for Josie and Toby so when in the future you are reading this I hope that you can remember how, at this very sad time, your house is full of people who love both you and your Mum. Your Grandmother and Grandfather have come over from Korea, your Uncle and Aunt have come over from the States, Alicia is there and of course Michelle and your Dad. They are all there helping Shin and being there for you. They all love you so much and the devastation of your mother dying is eased by the light, happiness and strength that you both carry within you, which is also, so totally, your Mum.

lw said...

Thank you for your updates, Michelle. It means a lot to know how Shin is doing and that she's still the same remarkable person we've come to know these years through her blog.

There are no words to describe either my sadness about these recent developments or the tremendous admiration I have for Shin and her strength and courage.

My thoughts are with you all.

With much love,


Leighbee said...

Our love and thoughts are with you ALL always but especially now ... I am thrilled to learn Shin has all those most important around her and hope that you will let us know if we can help in anyway, whether that be cooking, shopping or offering our spare room if space is tight at home? As you know we are just behind the Condo and it would be no trouble...I also give my word no pestering for information or idle chatter would be inflicted.... xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

I hope that my love ones surround me like all of you are there for Shin.