Sunday, February 1, 2009

Link to CNA article

Here is a link to the CNA story on the memorial service.

Here is the CNA link on the story of her passing and her decision to leave her body to research. This article also includes a link to the tv news segment that was on the channel the night before.



Anonymous said...

Tony, thank you. Thank you for sharing so much about Shin.

How are you holding up? I cannot imagine what you are going through. I asked my husband a while ago how he or I should handle, if either one of us is not around. We have two kids.. 4 and 2 years old... how do you console the children when they cry for Mummy? I can't stop crying when I think of this. Tony, I know your love for Shin and the children will pull you through this.

Jasmine said...

Tony, be strong!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, thanks so much. I feel very touched to see that Josie is such a strong girl from the video clip from channelnews asia but I am a bit worried that at her age, she may know yet not fully understand even she maybe suppressing her grief and even any"guilt" or regrets that she has for her mum in her heart (Eg, she may recall her disobedience,etc), I think this is "normal" thoughts and feelings that Josie may have by "judging" from her "maturity" and character (from what Shin has posted) of her. I feel like doting and caring for her and feel the pain in her too. As for Toby, he maybe too small for all that and his impression and impact may not be as deep as for Josie. So hope that you and Michelle,etc, can pay more attention to Josie inner thoughts and feeling (is best to get her to talk out whatever feelings and thoughts WITHOUT reprimand or judging but comfort her and assure her). This is my main worries for Josie (maybe Shin and Tony have thought about that too?). of course, not to neglect Toby too. Tony, is not easy but I am sure you can with so many of us and Michelle,etc, willing to help you and Josie , Toby. Stay strong while let yourself grief for a period of time you set. I am sure you will be very sad and missing Shin even more than any of us here, is ok but just don't be depressed. Shin is up there to look at us wanting us not to forget her but also be strong and happy and caring. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony

You have shown so much strenght and generosity in sharing with us about Shin even after she have passed on

In such painful and delicate moments such as these , you taught us to celebrate life

You are definitely not alone in your grief

I am proud of you


Anonymous said...

hi tony,

was wondering if the links will be archived for long when the kids are ready to read them?

just happen to think a jpeg upload will be a safer bet?