Saturday, February 7, 2009

Memorial - Michelle's Letter to Shin

Attached is a link to the video of Michelle's letter to Shin. Thanks again Lynn & James, its beautiful and I treasure what you've done (



Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony. Thanks Lynn and James too.

Thanks Michelle too. You are a true friend indeed and I am sure you will be a mentor to Josie and Toby as well. Or rather surrogate mother to them,right?

Michelle, hope that you and your family can keep in touch with Tony and not to neglect Tony too. I am sure he will need concern, care, support and advises from you, your husband,etc. I am afraid he is giving himself too much pressure. I

You are cool and calm but I am sure you are just holding on, just like what Tony has been doing even now. I know is not unemotion of you and him. Actually crying occassionally is a way of letting too.

Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
I dont know how to put this in words, but I guess reality is sinking in that Shin is really not around anymore.
How are you and the kids doing?
My thoughts are with you. Do keep us your readers posted on how you are doing/dealing especially the kids. I have a kid of my own too and I pray very hard that I will see her thru her tertiary and hopefully till she has a family of her own. But the reality is, we can plan all we want but its the one up there that decide our destiny and the end of the road.
I am glad you are keeping the blog alive and do keep us posted on your well being.

ET said...

Hi Tony,

Saw you with the kids once at the Terminal 3 Airport foodcourt and another time today at Ikea Tampines food outlet. Well, although I could easily recognise you and the kids, I think you all needed your privacy too ! Wanted to tell you how lovable Toby and Josie are ! All the best in your future with the kids and I hope you'll continue both Shin's and your great work in nuturing them to become a great person just like Shin is !


Anonymous said...

I think if I were to see Tony and/or the children, I will just give them a smile...I agree is better not to "interrupt" them in their daily life or together time. I am sure they will know that we all care for them but I think too much of that in their daily life will "affect" them. A friendly smile to them will do good and enough? :)

Tony said...

ET, Anon,

Actually, I think you should feel free to say "Hi". I feel very touched by the support from the blog readers. It would be nice to meet if we happened to bump into each other at IKEA. And yes, we went to IKEA this weekend looking for new pillows, breakfast for the kids, and so my brother could see how a Singapore IKEA compares to a US one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, is so nice of you and I am sure those who hesitate to do so will be glad to say "Hi" but there will be many who are just like me => will want to but "not dare" :P (typical singaporean as in "paiseh";ie; feel "embarrashed" to do so).

Nice to know that. Yes, going out to run errands and even window shopping,etc, is good for you, Josie and Toby. :)