Thursday, February 5, 2009

Memorial Service - poem by Ella, Ciara & Josie

The overall service consisted of 1) the paddle salute and song from her dragon boat team, 2) The Eulogy from Tony, 3) Eulogy by Alicia, 3) A poem read by Ella Brady, Ciara Brady and Josie Raza, 4) a word for thanks from Ms Kwek, found of the Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore, 5) Michelle reading her final letter to Shin and reading Shin's letter to everyone, 6) the photo slideshow, 7) the balloon release.

Below is the poem read by Ella, Ciara and Josie:

KINDNESS by Ella Brady

Kindness is something about friends.

You need to be kind to make friends.
Friends are about kindness.

For an example, 
if your friend falls over you can help them up.
Or if a person that you know falls over, 
you could help them up.

If somebody couldn't be near something because they were hurt, 
you could stay with them, even if you didn't want to. 
And that would be kind to them.

Kindness is love. 

So if you love someone you would be kind to them.

You can even be kind to people that you don't know.

For an example, if you were walking down the street one day 
and you saw somebody that you didn't know, 
you can still be kind to them.

You can help them carry a heavy bag 
or hold the door or gate open for them. 
Or you could just say hello 
and that will still make a big smile on their face.

Kindness is being kind to everybody.

I love being kind.

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<*ANGEL*> said...

From the description that everyone has of Shin, sounds like she is referring to Shin...:)