Monday, February 2, 2009

Memorial Service - Director's Cut

Attached, are a couple of video clips that we had prepared for the memorial service, but had decided not to include as part of the service.

There is a clip of Shin being silly and hamming it up for the camera as she danced in a friend's pair of $2,000 shoes. The second clip is from sometime in 2006 when she sang Louis Armstrong's, "What a Wonderfull World", when out to dinner with some friends (she readily admitted she was quite tone deaf, but her spirit makes up for lack of vocal prowess:).

We liked these clips but we were uncertain how it would play at the memorial service. We wanted to the overall service to be a rather upbeat affair, as Shin had wanted, and we were worried the video would end the services on more of a down note than we intended. The photo slideshow was more upbeat as Shin is always smiling.

Luckily we have this blog, to bring the director's cut of the segments that did not make the final production.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Tony, Michelle and the director.

Yes, the photos video of Shin are all her smiling faces and I can really see and feel Shin's happiness despite her cancer. She is really a very brave, strong and optimistics, Like she said, she will and had live till the day she has to die and she had led a very happy life. So Tony, Josie and Toby, you have given Shin a very happy life. :) Take care and we are here for you all as we do for Shin. :)

Anonymous said...

Shin really brings a lot of laughters to her friends. Actually I recall her singing while playing with the kids in the tv clip (Mandarin) and I love that, she may not be a professional singer but she sang with emotions (motherly).

Thanks Tony and take care of yourself before you can take care of the kids, don't suppress your grief but let yourself grief for a period (limited) and then you have to turn your grief to even more care and concern for the kids and maybe extend to others too. Shin is very great and has successfully bring out the compassion and caring in Josie (I remember you said that Shin said she told her that her donate of her body is to ....and can find cure for OTHER MOTHERS! ) That's really very great of her not only in her own acts but also Josie to "continue" her...but need to be careful in not putting stress in Josie and care more for her emotion, esp when she is growing up.

Anonymous said...

That was truly wonderful, you are all in my thoughts.

<*ANGEL*> said...

thanks for posting all these things up for us who couldnt make it to the memorial service... :)

Karin said...

Dear Tony,

It was the most beautiful memorial service. I was touched by the pink paddlers, all the kids, the music, the slides, the balloons, but most of all by your, Michelle's and Alicia's words in memory of Shin.

Best wishes to you and your family,


Lily Seah said...
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Lily Seah said...

你门一定要勇敢,以后一定会圆满。 爱没有离开,它还依然存在。

Julia said...

My condolences to Shin's family and love ones. Shin is a true fighter and am sure she will be remembered in all's heart.
God blessed all

Anonymous said...

Tony,this is another report about Shin. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Just wanted to let you know that I've said hi to Shin a couple of times as she goes to the same oncologist as my mum. I mentioned to the oncologist about Shin's memorial last Sat. She mentioned that in all her life as an oncologist, Shin is really one of the most remarkable woman she has ever met. Which must count for something, as she has dozens of patients. So Tony, Josie and Toby, know that Shin meant so much to many, even in the eyes of the medical fraternity.

Yvonne said...

Thank you, Tony, for sharing. You and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. God bless & Peace.

Vivian said...

Thank you Tony for taking all the time and effort to let this blog stay alive even for just a while longer. It must be hard on you in the last one week trying to put everything together and still keep all of us posted on the happenings.

The clip with Shin dancing was hilarious but I ended up crying. It is ashame that we have lost someone who loved her life so much... but it is also because of her and her passing that reminded me I need to complain less, be a little more tolerant and appreciate that life is as wonderful as we make it out to be.

I am sure that I will always remember Shin and keep her as a lifelong inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love the director's cut of Shin dancing in her friend's $2000 shoes. She had such a wicked sense of humour. She used to talk about the craziness of $64,000 handbags though and said that that is money that can go towards better causes like breast cancer charities. No offence to anyone who has $64,000 handbags. (NB: If you still contribute to community services and to charities and have leftover funds for such a handbag, then that's great for you!). In anycase, as I watch the video of Shin dancing, I found myself wondering what she would do if she got her hand on a friend's $64,000 hand bag - probably convince them to put it up for auction for cancer research. After she danced with it too no doubt! :)

It was a beautiful memorial service Tony, put together so lovingly by you and Michelle, Alicia and many more.. also to the pink paddlers, that was such a moving tribute. The euologies, the slide show, the multi-coloured balloons release. Josie in her apricot coloured dress and Toby with his buttoned up shirt and sleeked back hair. You, Tony looking thin, and so so sad but so strong for the kids. These are the images that Shin would have wished she had a few more days, months, but that was not to be. She will continue to be loved for she has given so much love in her short but meaningful life. If there's anything Danny and I and the kids, Ethan and Isabelle can do for you, Josie and Toby, please do not hesitate to reach out.