Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Memorial Service - letter from Michelle

The overall service consisted of 1) the paddle salute and song from her dragon boat team, 2) The Eulogy from Tony, 3) Eulogy by Alicia, 3) A poem read by Ella Brady, Ciara Brady and Josie Raza, 4) a word for thanks from Ms Kwek, found of the Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore, 5) Michelle reading her final letter to Shin and reading Shin's letter to everyone, 6) the photo slideshow, 7) the balloon release.

Below is the final letter from Michelle to Shin:

Hi Love,

Once again I am writing to you while I sit on the plane that is taking me to see you.

I guess the reality is setting in that you are going soon to be where I can't see you, but where I will always be able to hear you and feel you.

I have no idea what its going to be life for you, whether there is somewhere you go, or whether there is nothing beyond this, I will try to ask you once you know.

I don't even know really what it's going to be like for us once you're gone, but this one is easier to work out.

I know that Tony, Josie and Toby will be loved intensely for the rest of their lives. I know that they will be sad and that they will miss their mommy. But I also know that they will have as many hugs and as much love as they need to help their tears and mend their hearts.

I know that they will know their mommy in spirit, helped by everything you have left for them and everyone who loves you. Despite your fears, I know you have given them so much already, You've given them life, love, laughter and everything else you have, that they have needed.

Now, this is the hard part.

I think your work here is done. I think you have given them everything you can and more. I think you need to have faith in what they have already.

You are going to leave us soon, we won't be able to see you anymore. You need to make peace with this.

You can be dragged off the stage kicking and screaming that the show's not over, or you can leave knowing that everyone love it and applauds you for such incredible quality.

You have inspired so many people Shin. Sometimes without even knowing it. You have left so many people with a feeling of faith and confidence in themselves. That's a gift you've given them that they won't forget and that no one can take away.

You are strong, you are hard, you are tough and at the same time you are kind and gentle.

I love you all much Shin. I love every part of you. The good, the bad and the everything in between.

Your Blue Bonnet, Shelly.xxxx.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, actually I feel that you are quite the same as Shin in your personality, if I am right?

I think besides Tony, you are Shin's best "counsellor" who let Shin leave without worries and in peace...I feel very sad because Shin must be feeling very sad having to leave her love ones but reading your letter makes me feel better. Because I can feel that you will be able to or rather had assured Shin that Josie,Toby and Tony will not be "abondoned" or left alone. That's the main worries which Shin had? but I am really very very glad that she left in peace. :) Thanks so much Michelle. I am sure both of you are really fortunate to have each other as "true friend" which many of us don't even have in our life. I am sure that's what ppl always said in Chinese that "in our entire life, if we are able to find one bosom friend, we die without regret":) Even now Shin is gone, but you are still fortunate than many of us! :) You are also a strong person because can see that you are smiling in the clip while singing and still "comforting" the others but I am sure you are tears in your heart, that's what I mean I can see Shin in you too!:)

I am sure you will help Tony when he meets any "obstacles" or problems when Josie and Toby are growing really hard on him just like Shin said. Thanks so much Michelle!:)

ALI KATI said...

"Your work is done" must be one of the greatest things to hear when you know you have to go. How wonderful to have a friend recognize and assure one of that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for everything you did and will do for Shin, Tony, Josie and Toby!:)

You are really a friend indeed! How are you, still in S'pore? Take care of yourself too.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, thanks a lot for all that! Nice to know you and I agree that you are similar to Shin in many aspects. Hope you can post here to let Josie and Toby knows more about their mummy because is impossible for you to be with them very often to tell them about their mummy. and you can also "talk" to them here.

Take care and understand you will also feel sad and be missing Shin a lot as much as Tony and many, do give yourself griefing period too.

Leighbee said...

Michelle, you deserve a standing ovation...What incredible women...BOTH OF YOU x

Anonymous said...

Michelle is indeed an inspiration,she was with Shin all the way , besides Tony , Michelle is always near

just brings to mind this song from Frank Sinatra together with Celine Dion which is call ' All the way '

I like to share it with all here

All the way ( Frank Sinatra )

When somebody loves you
Its no good unless she loves you - all the way
Happy to be near you
When you need someone to cheer you - all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is
Thats how its got to feel
Deeper than the deep blue see is
Thats how deep it goes - if its real

When somebody needs you
Its no good unless she needs you - all the way
Through the good or lean years
And for all the in between years - come what may

Who know where the road will lead us
Only a fool would say
But if youll let me love you
Its for sure Im gonna love you - all the way, all the way


Ice said...

To all Pink Paddlers and those battling cancer,

Hope you all will be as strong and have faith like what Shin shows to us.

To Tony, Michelle and Shin's close ones,

I believe you all will be strong for Josie and Toby. I simply love Shin's spirit. Though she's gone, what she has done and showed to the society will be remembered.