Friday, February 13, 2009

Memorial - Kindness poem read by Ella, Ciara, and Josie

Ella (Michelle's daughter) wrote a poem called kindness. Shin was so impressed and raved and raved about it. We decided Ella, Ciara and Josie could read it at the memorial service. Shin would have been proud of them.


Anonymous said...

Well done Ella, Ciara and Josie. Is so nice of Ella and she must be a kind girl too. :)

Josie is so steady and calm. I am sure Shin would be very proud and cheers for them too. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that is so precious and brought a huge smile to my face!! they are all so lovely. thank you for sharing that with us! what a wonderful poem to have read at shin's memorial service :)

Leighbee said...


Kathie said...

Dear Ella, Ciara and Josie,

Thank you for reminding the adults simple virtures and values from your angle.

Kindness means helpfulness, being there for someone in need. Ella has put it so nicely.

Tony, it would be nice to publish Ella's poem.


Tony said...

Hi Kathie,

Actually the full poem is in a post below called "Memorial Service - poem by Ella, Ciara and Josie.