Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Memorial - Shin's Last Words

Shin wrote a letter to be read at her memorial service and gave it to Michelle to read. Michelle has already posted the letter in a previous blog post, but below is the link to the video of her reading of Shin's letter.

As always, Shin gets the last word.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Do find time to view this inspiring video. Share wtih Josie, Toby, Alicia, whoever.

I believe Shin would love Nick's fighting spirit.


Tony said...

Hi Kathie,

Wow, what a great video. I plan on showing it to Josie. And you are right that Shin would have loved it as well. I can picture her getting all choked up and emotional over it.


writerinresidence said...

I'm so curious as to when exactly Shin wrote these "last words" - was it before her breathing difficulties?

Tony said...

As I recall, she wrote the letter back in April when the extent of the cancer spread had become clear. Michelle might remember better.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Josie
Happy birthday to you! :)

Wish you have a wonderful party on Friday and may you happy forever. :)

Tony, hope you can pass our wishes to Josie and tell her she has lots of wishings and love from us here. And I am sure Shin has left a present for her 6th birthday too. :) And tell her that she still has a wonderful loving daddy and compassionate mummy in her heart. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,thanks for your sharing. I drop tears as I am very touched!

Tony, maybe you keep this in mind and show to Josie and Toby whenever they feel discourage or moody or helpless or sad when facing "mocking by peers",etc.

This really a very encouraging , inspiring video to anyone who is feeling down,especially at this economy downturn.

Anonymous said...

Happy (early) Birthday Josie!!! Have a ball sweetie =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Josie,

Happy Birthday! Hope you will have a fun filled day surrounded with friends and relatives!


Michelle said...

Shin and I talked about her writing a goodbye letter to us all in February last year when she had her lung biopsy and found that her cancer had spread to lungs, liver and brain. That was a really hard time for us. Probably the most shocking of all her diagnosis because she had been responding so well to treatment prior to that.

When I asked her if she would write the letter she smiled. I think she liked the idea of being able to tell everyone she loved at one time that she would be ok and also how she felt about her last few years.

When we realized this time around that Shin was unable to have more chemo we found the letter and she reread it. Even a year later she did not change a word.

So, the short answer is she wrote it in February 2008.

I miss her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, is so nice to hear from you again.

We miss her too even we never meet before.

Do take care and visit Tony,Josie and Toby when you are free. Understand you will be busy with your studies and your own family but hope you also allow yourself a period of grief as this will take sometime.